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How to stay organized without counting time manually? How to improve employees productivity with just few simple clicks? It’s time for your company to stop running out of time. Using right time clock software is a key to success!

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Here are the list of the most trusted and profitable software, equipped with many useful features which helps employer to manage the work of his team. Everything is collected in one simple and intuitive tool avaiable on desktop and mobile version or a browser extension. Those tools simplify the scheduling, making a right plan for every single day. Most of them are integrated with other management software to track time and activity automatically.
Choosing the right one is a hard decision, but try the most profitable, easy-to-use and smart.

NameDescriptionPricingOperating SystemWeb
RepliconRecognized for its ease-of-use, Replicon Timesheet lets you track time and expense against projects or bill clients or track time & attendance. Start using timesheet with no hardware, no software, and no upfront fees with our Saas (Software as a Service) model.PaidMac, iOShttp://replicon.com/
TimeFlowA 5 star rated time and attendance application that simply works and works simply, from one or many locations. Click the instant demo button to begin using the only cloud based desktop time and attendance software.PaidWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, Androidhttp://landing.duoserve.com/timeflowa
Time Clock MTSTime Clock MTS is a cost effective, reliable, and secure replacement for mechanical or manual time clock systems. It is employee time clock software that will reliably and accurately track your employees attendance, calculate overtime correctly all while providing the flexibility that your company needs to run your payroll and attendance systems with a minimum of fuss.PaidWindowshttp://timeclockmts.com/
PayPantherGet organized. Grow your business. All the features you ever needed. These features will save you time, keep you organized, and automate your business. It might just be the best investment you’ll ever make!PaidWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, Androidhttp://paypanther.com/
PDC GatewayPDC Gateway is now shipped with a new service that collects punches from various online time collection devices. Clocks can be set to "collect" and send the punch data to this service. Once collected the punch data can be automatically formatted into the required output. This could be a flat file or an SAP IDOC sent via ALE. There is also a CATS module available for sending punches to SAP CATS via BAPI function calls.PaidWindowshttp://pdcgateway.com/
EmplotimeThe best web based time clock system. It is also the least expensive. No installation needed. Login to your portal to create employees and set a PC/tablet to be used as the clock company, from this time on, the device will be used to Clock In and Out. Set as many clocks as you need.PaidWebhttp://emplotime.com/
CloskwiseTime and attendance affects everything in your business – from budgets to profits to compliance. GHG Corporation created Clockwise Time and Attendance Software that makes it easy for you to track time & save money. Clockwise is a web-based employee timesheet management tool that automates time collection, leave management and approval processes.PaidWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, Androidhttp://ghg.com/
TandaWhat makes tanda stand out from the rest are the unique features Tanda provides. Because we’re cloud-based software the innovative technology gives us a myriad of options to design tools that will benefit you. Tanda gives you an average saving of 4% on labour costs, and 100% user satisfaction. But the real savings come with saving your time. Tanda has made a 2 hour + process of payroll a simple 5 minute breeze.PaidWeb, iOS, Androidhttp://tanda.co/
DatisA single system of record, unifying all stages of the employee lifecycle. Designed to help you organize, manage, staff and pay your workforce with ease and efficiency. A modern, unified approach to Human Capital Management software. Manage the entire employee lifecycle with one easy-to-use, cloud based workforce application.PaidWeb, Mac, iOShttp://datis.com/
FingerCheckFingerCheck’s Time Attendance Software is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a streamlined time-tracking solution. Our online time clock system is designed to make logging hours an effortless process, as employees can easily use it anywhere in the world and access all of their information online. Using manual timecards can be a time-consuming and inexact process. PaidWeb, Android, iOShttps://fingercheck.com/
TimeDockTIMEDOCKTM grew from the idea that there was no overly simple way at the time to capture hours out in the field. The best known method was to use a printed spreadsheet, or 'timesheet', and hand that back to the office at the end of the week. The problem with the timesheet process was making sure the sheets made it to the office on time and in one piece. Then keying the data into payroll on the computer was hard work and innacurate at the best of times.PaidWeb, Android, iOShttp://timedock.com/
AbouttimeSince 2003, AboutTime has been helping businesses with a mobile workforce leverage technology to eliminate paper and automate inefficient processes. Our mission is to help your team better manage mobile and remote labor, productivity, assets, forms and resources. Connect your operations for complete visibility, increased accuracy and amazing gains through automation. AboutTime is an all-inclusive, on premise resource management solution that is configurable to your business. PaidWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Webhttp://abouttimetech.com/
ActualIDReduce Payroll Costs. Track Employees. A Cloud-Based Time and Attendance. Management Solution for Companies with Single or Multiple Locations.PaidWebhttp://actualid.com/
AsureAsure Software offers a full suite of cloud-based solutions, including mobile time & attendance, resource scheduling, space utilization software, hoteling and hot-desking management, asset management, and business analytics. Working together, these solutions help you recruit and retain the best talent, improve employee productivity, streamline operations, and realize a significant ROI on your most valuable assets – people, space and technology.PaidWeb, Mobilehttp://asuresoftware.com
TimeDropTimeDrop Time Clock is a simple to use employee time tracking software application that will organize your employee's time, allow you to manage employee access, securely clock your employees in or out and provide real-time reports. TimeDrop Time Clock will turn your Windows computer (desktop or laptop) into a powerful time tracking system.PaidWindowshttp://lothill.com