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Paweł is CMO of TimeCamp and SEO specialist. He is responsible for success of company's marketing strategy.

Following These 5 Project Management Practices Can Be Your Way To Success!


Finishing project on time, while not exceeding the budget, is the company’s priority. It happens that the management demands too much from the project managers, which leads directly to project managers demanding too much from their teams. The environment that is created in the process is far from encouraging. The project may be done on […]


Timecamp as one of the top Sanity-Saving Apps for Freelancers at GetApp!


It is our pleasure to announce that our Time Tracking Software, TimeCamp, was recognized by GetApp – the leading premium business app discovery platform on the web, and placed on their list of 14 Sanity-Saving Apps for Freelancers. Why? Because we are that good! 😀 But honestly and without boasting, let’s see what is the […]


5 Awesome Time Recording Software To Make Your Working Day Easier


It practically does not matter what type of work you are doing – the successful time management is a key factor in achieving great results in every job. There are many different ways of organizing a working day. From short messages written on sticky notes, through paper calendars, phone and computer apps, to hiring secretaries […]

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