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100 best tools for marketing industry


What are the best 100 tools for marketing industry? Today, marketing industry offers a wide range of tools essential in work of every marketer. It’s quite difficult to choose the finest from such an abundant offer. To make it easier, today we’re introducing 100 best tools for the marketing industry, taking into account different categories and areas of use. Project Management and Team Communication 1. Trello Trello is a software which allows you to set the tasks for you and your entire team. You can share them with your friends or keep them for yourself. Trello has a friendly interface and is easy to use. Check out TimeCamp integration for Trello 2. Asana Asana is one of the most popular platforms for communication in project management. Thanks to Asana you […]


What Are The Methods of a Good Product Manager?


How To Be a Good Product Manager? In 1931, during the times of the Great Depression in the United States, Neil McElroy wrote a 3-page memo for the Procter & Gamble Company. The memo included the principles of modern brand management. This gave the beginning to the product management and, in consequence, led to the creation of the product manager’s position. But who is a product manager and what is his role? Let’s take a look at what he does in the company. A product manager is a person who deals with such issues as the product planning, development, and marketing. Basically, he has to analyze the market and look for potential problems, competition, and provide a good marketing strategy to the company. He is also responsible for boosting the […]


What is it like to live in one time zone and work in another?


How to live in one time zone, and work in another? In the contemporary world, many businesses hire employees from different places. And it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from. In the age of globalization, you can now work for a company in India, while you live in the middle of Europe. Technology and the internet offer endless solutions for companies with remote workers. Startup companies rely on such employees. The team made up of people living in distinct parts of the world may boost the productivity of your business. But there is one issue which you have to take into account – different time zones. Awareness of others’ time zones Managing a remote team often means managing people who live in a time zone other […]


How To Communicate in a Startup Company?


How to communicate in a Startup company? Communication is a vital aspect of maintaining relationships at work, whether it is office or a coffee shop. But in the startup companies, this issue seems to be more difficult than usual. Since these enterprises hire mostly remote workers, it is important to establish the functional and coherent structure of exchanging information. Today, the internet offers endless solutions to this issue proposing a wide range of communication software. Specialists surpass each other with putting on the market applications which allow easy answers to the communication problems. Communication and Startup Failure Either funded or bootstrapped, not every startup has a chance to survive. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why some of the startup companies fail by analyzing the following chart, as […]


5 Golden Rules Every Marketer Needs To Know!


Online marketing has its ups and downs. It can be a great source of income if we are good at it and follow the changes on the market. It provides many opportunities for development – there are millions of companies on the web; there’s bound to be some that will be interested in our services. As we work, we constantly learn new things, broadening our knowledge and experience. Thus, our value on the labor market rises. On the other hand, following all the slight changes that appear in the business, or learning about the best methods and techniques to communicate with our clients – it is not an easy task. The world of digital marketing changes like a chameleon. There are hundreds of variables one must consider every single time he […]


Best Sources To Search For Freelancers!


Find The Right Person For Every Job! The area of internet blogging and marketing is drastically expanding each and every year. Companies are looking for competent writers that would promote their products and services through various articles and posts. However, more and more content creators start to believe in themselves and in the power of the market. In result, they begin their very own freelancing careers. That’s right. If you are a manager or a company’s CEO and you are looking for new ways to promote your business, you can always try and hire a person that would manage the company’s blog and keep an eye on the social media. But you may soon find out that it’s not all that easy to find a reliable marketer that would write […]


What is Project Management?


Every project needs to be managed. Efficiency, perseverance and group work are only a few of the project management’s features. But what is project management and what does it comprise of? Let’s take a look. To provide the description of project management, it is important to begin with the definitions of words: “project” and “management”. So what’s a project? It’s an enterprise, either individual or collaborative, planned in detail and taken in order to achieve a certain goal. Of course, it can refer to anything, beginning from class assignments, to elaborate projects carried on in business corporations. A project is a temporary process which can take only a few days or it can last couple or even many years. So what about management? It’s as simple as it seems – […]


How To Increase Your Productivity During The Summer?


June is coming to an end but Summer is not! There is still at least one more sunny month for you to enjoy (perhaps more, depending on the part of the world that you live in 😉 This is the time when we usually plan our holidays and make use of the leave that we worked hard for the past few months to get.  It’s so good to say goodbye to the office and for the next few weeks enjoy the sun, beach, mountains, lake, or whatever it is that we want to enjoy during our free time. But as it always happens, the free time passes by way too fast… Blink of an eye and you are back at the office, wondering where all your holidays went. Still, you […]

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