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How To Keep Self-Discipline In Project Management?


Why Is Self-Discipline Important In Project Management? Sometimes it’s not easy being a Project Manager. It requires a lot of engagement and hard work. But when there’s work overload and too much is happening, it’s easy to lose the spirits and start feeling demotivated. That’s why it’s important to keep self-discipline. Let’s take a look at it a little bit closer. In Project Management self-discipline is important because it helps to keep up the good work. It’s a great motivation tool that makes it easier to go through the hectic day at work. How To Keep Self-discipline? Keeping a self-discipline as a Project Manager may not be easy. With all the projects and tasks on your head, you may get lost in all your work and your attention can get […]


Forecasting Best Practices For Product Managers


One of the most important functions of a Product Manager is forecasting the product development. In order to do that, you need to know how to approach the subject. Today, TimeCamp presents the best forecasting practices for Product Managers. The Best Practices To Improve Forecasting According to Demand Management System (DMS), there are 5 ways of improving forecasting: Forecast at the right level. Make sure your forecasting is adjusted to the environment. It’s good to take a look at it at least once a month and evaluate whether your forecasting objectives are adjusted to the project’s need. This includes such aspects of forecasting as region or people. Review forecasts at aggregated level. You may be tempted to look at each item’s forecast separately. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to be […]


How To Stay On Top Of Your Work?


Marketing industry can be demanding when it comes to keeping up with work. And if you’re a product manager, you probably know the flaws better than anyone. Staying on top of your work requires following your inner rules and a lot of patience. In today’s post, TimeCamp presents ways to always be on top of your work. Stay On Top Of Your Work With Special Tools To always be ahead of your work it’s good to know your priorities and be able to have insight into the work. In order to do that you need to implement appropriate time management. It’s the key to staying on top of your work and not getting lost in all the chaos resulting from too much work. You can achieve accurate time management with the use of special […]


Three Methods That Will Allow Every Project Manager To Keep Their Mind Fresh Until The Last Day At Work


The business world is a minefield. Every wrong move may cost one life (a career? salary? position?). It is particularly necessary to be careful when one gets older and their cognitive capabilities may decrease. Some hope is in that there are people whose minds remain fresh until the latest years of life. At the age of 70 or 80, they are as intellectually fit as well as 20-year-olds. It cheers one up, doesn’t it? Particularly encouraging is the fact that this is believed not to be a matter of chance or genes but on our life choices. One of the articles on Inc. presents the results of a study conducted by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital. It shows that some people are able to keep the mind acute to death itself. […]


How To Stay On Top of Market News?


In the contemporary world, staying on top of the news can be difficult. With a constant flow of information, it’s hard to keep up with it all. It’s even harder if you have a business to manage since you not only have to know what’s happening around you but also what is going on on the market.  It can be a demanding task to stay on top of market news. Managing a team of employees requires paying attention to every word that appears in the aether. You have to know how to handle facts and news and how to implement ideas they carry into your business. Today TimeCamp presents the best ways to stay on top of the market news and keep a hand on your ventures. Stay On Top of […]


5 Online Courses For a Project Manager And What You Should Know About Them


How To Become a Project Manager With Online Courses? In today’s modernized world you can become anyone without even leaving your house. The internet offers a wide range of online courses on different topics. And a Project Manager is one of them.  Thus, all you have to do to become a Project Manager is to find the best course for yourself and enroll. They vary on the level of advance, from those for beginners to those for professional Project Managers with long work history. Today, TimeCamp prepared a list of 5 best Project Manager online courses which give you special certifications to do the job. Our list encloses the pros and cons of each and every course and pick the one most suitable for you. 1. PMI (Project Management Institute) Source: Project Management […]


The Difference Between Project Manager & Project Leader


What Is The Difference Between Project Manager And Project Leader? You’ve probably heard these two terms being used interchangeably. But are they really synonymous? Today with TimeCamp you’ll find out about the differences and similarities between the two. We prepared a comparison of the position of the project leader and project manager. You’ll see which tasks belong to them and which don’t, what makes their work different and how important it is to know the distinction between them. So make yourself comfortable and follow up! Who Is the Project Leader And Who Is Project Manager? In general, a project leader can be a project manager, but project manager is not a project leader. Still, they both have certain tasks and plans. They carry out the projects and make sure everything […]


How To Delegate Tasks As a Project Manager?


What Does It Mean To Delegate? Being a project manager often means being swamped with work. And when you’re rushed off your feet, it’s good to learn to delegate your tasks. So what does it mean to delegate and why is it important in your work? Let’s take a closer look at it. According to Elizabeth Harrin, from Delegation is where responsibility or authority for a task is assigned to someone, normally from a manager or someone more senior in the organization to a team member. It’s a piece of cake! If you have too much work, you simply delegate it to other people in your team. And the reason why you should learn to do it is simply to be able to stay on top of your business. How To […]

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