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What’s The Difference Between Management And Leadership?


Management vs Leadership – it seems that these two elements have a lot in common. However, both positions, a manager and a leader, have certain differences that separate them. Management and leadership require a distinctive set of skills. So what makes the two different? Let’s take a look by summing up the best answers from Quora. We prepared two lists including the main features of the two. Management What is management? “[T]he act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business). Business improved under the management of new owners.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary What skills make up the management and make it different from leadership? Here’s the list of the most important aspects: successful execution of tasks; managing performance, budget, deadlines; managing is process oriented – how will the process look like? What […]


Take A Break From E-mails


  There is no one else than Kamil Rudnicki, CEO of Time Solutions LLC and the developer of TimeCamp, a time management tool, who can boast of such a long usage of the software. During 10 years of TC maintenance, at first privately by the owner himself, then commercially by more than 70 thousand users, the CEO has tracked all his computer activity. Therefore, he is probably the only person in the world who is able to determine which of computer applications or processes he has used most often. Taking into consideration that entire period, including both professional and non-professional activities, it turns out (basing on computer activity reports delivered by TC) that Kamil Rudnicki spent over 55% of his time browsing… his own inbox. This particular case study of […]


Soft Skills vs Hard Skills and Why You Need To Have Them


Soft Skills vs Hard Skills – What’s The Difference? In contemporary world employers, and HR people in particular, often have high expectations of employers. They not only want them to be experts in their field or in what they will have to do at work but also have strong skills. And these can be divided into soft skills and hard skills. So what’s the main difference between the two that makes it possible to assign particular aspects of our experience to the two categories? Follow this article to find out.   SOFT SKILLS HARD SKILLS   Skills which are related to Emotional Intelligence. Our right side of the brain is responsible for them – the emotional center. Soft skills are hard to measure.   Skills which are related to IQ – Intelligence Quotient. Our left […]


How To Become A Project Manager


Source: In today’s fast-paced, constantly developing and evolving world, the need for Project Managers is higher than ever before. And it’s still growing. Many companies look for people who can lead a team and manage projects. It is a task which requires specific skills. The Road To Project Management Many people become Project Managers by accident, whereas others know exactly what they want to do. Yet the road to becoming a Project Manager is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, you should begin your journey with the question: Why do I want to become a Project Manager? If it’s just temporary whim, then you definitely need to step away. But if you feel like it’s something you will be good at, you’re on the right track! However, a good Project Manager needs […]


Odyssey 1999. Bill Gates The Prophet


There is a mesmerizing book “Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System” published by Bill Gates in 1999. It is so intriguing because it deals with 15 predictions about the future, which might seem a bit shocking and unrealistic at the time. Today we already know that they were not only very realistic but also many of them simply proved to be almost 100% successful. 1. Comparison Shopping Websites Prediction: “Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making it effortless to find the cheapest product for all industries.” Reality: And they were. The way comparison shopping websites operate exactly as Gates predicted, making our lives much easier. 2. Mobile Devices Prediction: “People will carry around small devices that […]


The Art Of Counting To Three, or A Few Words About Labor Costs


Source: A Few Words About Labor Costs Running a company is kind of a road through hell. People wishing to start their own business have to be prepared to face numerous difficulties, starting from hiring employees who would be well-qualified enough, to countering competition and making sure customers are satisfied. And they vary depending on the division. For Marketing, for example, the most essential are the costs it incurs, calculating them and relating to prospective profits. Such expenditures consist of: Advertising costs. Costs of sales promotion. Personal sales costs. Costs of participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. Public relations costs. Costs of price promotions. Without taking them into consideration, Marketing may lose many valuable facets and become less effective. But these expenditures are not the only important aspect. Performance […]


Bread With Water Or Meat With Potatoes, Or A Few Words About Employer Branding


    Source:  A Few Words About Employer Branding If you think that finding a job is difficult, you should reconsider your opinion. The nowadays’ labor market differs significantly from the one known to our parents and grandparents. It provides us with a variety of choices and possibilities thanks to modern technologies, tools such as TimeCamp, which enable remote employment, smooth billing, online training courses, etc. Thus, employers are those who are in trouble. They also benefit from these solutions but they are the ones who have to make the greatest effort because fully-fledged employees have a choice. They won’t work for a company which offers poor working conditions or tries to save on their laborers. They will offer their services to employers who will satisfy their expectations. That […]


Stay on Top of Your Work With Kamil Rudnicki – TimeCamp’s CEO


How To Stay On Top of Your Work – an Interview With TimeCamp’s CEO, Kamil Rudnicki In one of our latest articles, we presented top 83 project management influencers of 2017. Today, on the behalf of the entire TimeCamp’s team, we proudly present an introduction to the series of podcasts Stay On Top of Your Work. Make sure to follow our latest publications to always get updates on new interviews. Get inspired, learn, and discover new things while listening to our guests’ interesting observations. Kamil Rudnicki, TimeCamp’s CEO was the first to open the series. Find out what happens at TimeCamp, what inspires Kamil, what are his main objectives at work, and how he handles managing the company! Podcast Transcription Kate: My name’s Kate and I’m a Marketing Assistant at TimeCamp. On […]

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