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Take A Break From E-mails


  There is no one else than Kamil Rudnicki, CEO of Time Solutions LLC and the developer of TimeCamp, a time management tool, who can boast of such a long usage of the software. During 10 years of TC maintenance, at first privately by the owner himself, then commercially by more than 70 thousand users, the CEO has tracked all his computer activity. Therefore, he is probably the only person in the world who is able to determine which of computer applications or processes he has used most often. Taking into consideration that entire period, including both professional and non-professional activities, it turns out (basing on computer activity reports delivered by TC) that Kamil Rudnicki spent over 55% of his time browsing… his own inbox. This particular case study of […]


Stay on Top of Your Work With Kamil Rudnicki – TimeCamp’s CEO


How To Stay On Top of Your Work – an Interview With TimeCamp’s CEO, Kamil Rudnicki In one of our latest articles, we presented top 83 project management influencers of 2017. Today, on the behalf of the entire TimeCamp’s team, we proudly present an introduction to the series of podcasts Stay On Top of Your Work. Make sure to follow our latest publications to always get updates on new interviews. Get inspired, learn, and discover new things while listening to our guests’ interesting observations. Kamil Rudnicki, TimeCamp’s CEO was the first to open the series. Find out what happens at TimeCamp, what inspires Kamil, what are his main objectives at work, and how he handles managing the company! Podcast Transcription Kate: My name’s Kate and I’m a Marketing Assistant at TimeCamp. On […]


“Why Should You Hire Me?” – Find The Best Answer


Why Should The Company Hire Me? Higher earnings are what often motivates people to start their university education. However, getting a degree may be challenging to some. But let’s leave them be because the lucky ones are the center of our interest. Those who are to enter the labor market and participate in job interviews. A job interview – these two words make the majority of us tremble. And as far as facing the potential boss or answering the question concerning the expected salary may not make you dizzy or give you a headache, the question of why the company should hire you can intensify the beat of the heart or even suffocation. WHY? Sumit Chaudhary in his interview published on Quora gives two answers to the future employers from […]


Desktop Time Tracker


At TimeCamp’s blog, we often write on time tracking software and its benefits for larger companies and its employees. Today I’ll write on using such software in TimeCamp and to be more specific, from my perspective. I’m Kate and I work at TimeCamp as a Marketing Assistant. So, make a cup of coffee, take a warm blanket, and keep me your company through this article. Working At TimeCamp With TimeCamp  Many employees are afraid of time tracking software. So was I when I began my work at TimeCamp. I thought that my boss would spy on me and check my activities every 5 minutes and punish me severely for every second spent on things different than work. I couldn’t be more wrong. After a week of adjusting to work with […]


400 Powerful Life Lessons From TimeCamp’s CEO


Today TimeCamp presents a special article. 400 Life Lessons From TimeCamp’s CEO. We are proud and happy to share them with our readers and customers, and reveal some of our secrets. Take a sit, make a cup of coffee and indulge yourself in this long! but an intriguing list. We hope you find something helpful. Enjoy! Never do anything in advance because often you may not need it after all. What are my irrational behaviors? Maybe asking what others think of me, or wondering if they have more money then me, are better than. What games am I playing? You might not realize, but real life is a game of strategy. There are some fun mini-games – like dancing, driving, running, and sex – but the key to winning is simply managing your […]


Data Protection Tips: an Interview with Rishi Narang from CyberSins!


  Today we publish an interview with Rishi Narang from CyberSins, “a blog on sun, sins, and security.” Rishi is a consultant, researcher, and blogger on digital security & cyber intelligence, describing himself as a tech aficionado & evangelist. We asked Rishi some questions about the data protection, how to encourage people to pay attention to protecting their online information and how to automate this process.  Curious what are the best Rishi’s data protection tips? Read the interview below and don’t hesitate to leave the feedback in comments! Data Protection Tips: an Interview with Rishi Narang from CyberSins! How do you evaluate people’s awareness regarding the need to protect their private data? Enterprise Security is as closely related to the systems as with the people interacting with them. This is an […]


7 College Apps Students Shouldn’t Live Without


No one will deny the fact that mobile gadgets have already become more popular than laptops and personal computers. It’s obvious that any modern mobile gadget can fully replace the whole bulk of functions that a laptop has. If you want to read books, edit files, send photos to your friends, communicate with your lecturer, and even study online, you only need a phone with 3G connection or wi-fi. Mobile apps replaced programs for desktops and many developers do not even create software for PC as it won’t be popular unless it is some game that requires great graphics and powerful hardware. It means that some apps exist only for mobile gadgets. Read more: Best Mobile Time Tracking Software! The Time is On Your Side Wherever You Are! In 2016, the […]


Case Study: How TimeCamp Helps Entrepreneurs Be More Productive? An Interview with Warwick Brown!


We all know how hard is to overcome struggles of being an entrepreneur. They learn from the mistakes along the way, still trying to improve and be perfect in what they do, working hard to prove yourself. But today, thanks to the wide range of tools and apps designed to streamline the workflow, launching the business or being a manager is much easier and smarter!  Today we publish an interview with Warwick Brown, a Leader and an expert on Account Management who told us a bit about his way to success and advised about becoming an employer. Moreover, Warwick is a TimeCamp user – take the text below to find out how he uses our desktop time tracker at work and how it benefits him! Case Study: How TimeCamp Helps […]

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