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TimeCamp as GetApp’s Category Leader for Billing and Invoicing!


We’re more than happy to inform that TimeCamp gained a Category Leader badge for GetApp’s ranking! Our adventure with this business software review website is fairly recent, and we’re actually surprised by this impressive result! See also: Timecamp as one of the top Sanity-Saving Apps for Freelancers at GetApp! TimeCamp as GetApp’s Category Leader for Billing and Invoicing! We’re coming in #12 out of 246 Billing & Invoicing solutions, and we couldn’t resist highlighting it here! @timecamp another excellent result in our #CategoryLeader ranking. Great work on an awesome effort — GetApp (@GetApp) 27 July 2017 First and foremost we should thank all our users who decided to write reviews and leave their thoughts. Your words are the reasons why we’re highly ranked!  Here you can read the opinion […]


How To Start Your Own Business?


If sometimes you are feeling like your work is not for you. Like you can do something more with the experience and the ideas you have. Maybe become your own boss? Organize the daily schedule by yourself and be the one who negotiates with the clients, so you always know exactly what they want, not what your manager want you to do.  Well, perhaps it’s the right time to start your own business? Where do I begin? Once you are sure that you want to take the first small steps into the huge world of business and set up your very own company, there are things that require your immediate attention. These are, unfortunately, the legal regulations that apply to business owners in your country. Unfortunately, because in most cases they […]


40+ Resources To Help You Find the Ideal Remote Location Jobs!


The internet is full of the opportunities for people who want to work remotely. A few years ago it was unthinkable to do the job sitting in front of the computer on the comfy couch at home, with a cup of coffee and a dog behind you. There are many marketplaces that provide the remote location jobs or allow the freelancers post their services. Today we collected the most leading remote platforms to help you find the job you’re dreaming about! 40+ Resources To Help You Find the Dream Remote Location Jobs! Upwork Upwork is one of the top websites for building the online team. The freelancers can connect easily with clients and begin delivering the high-quality job. The platform allows creating the personalized, well-written profiles to showcase their businesses. […]


50+ Terrific Tools for Driving Business Growth in 2017!


As an entrepreneur, you often struggle to find the balance between the workload and the constant lack of human resources. It can feel scary and separating, particularly in the first place. Be that as it may, because of the web, you don’t need to go only it. There are an enormous amount of free online tools that can help you develop your business. Look at our 50 most loved tools and assets to make the every day of growing your business less demanding! Most of them have free trials – sign up and ensure success and profitability! 50+ Terrific Tools for Driving Business Growth in 2017! Project Management Software TimeCamp TimeCamp is one of the most well known time trackers available on the market. But soon it is going to […]


150 Websites To Promote Your App!


App promotion websites that you can use to quickly make your creation more popular. We know very well how hard it is to create a solid app – it takes time, patience, teamwork, and a lot of heart. Once we finish it, we would like it to get as many users, as possible, as we know that it (and we!) deserves it. Unfortunately, the practically limitless vastness of the web makes it pretty hard to successfully promote an app. We know the struggle, we have been through this. If you are satisfied with your work, let others review it! Thus, we may be able to provide a bit of help. While promoting TimeCamp, we visited a lot of different app promotion sites that facilitate the process of advertising different types of […]


Be a Healthy Freelancer! – Solve Our Quiz and Check Your Knowledge.


If we were to ask like 100 people what do they think is the most important value in life, the answers will vary. Some would say that love and family, others would suggest career, self-satisfaction, success. There will be those who will put money as their number one in life. However, not many of us remember about the thing that is most important among them all. One that is essential for anyone to be able to enjoy any other – our health!   The sad fact is, most of us take it for granted – “It is there, and one day it will vanish, that’s how life is.” This is false. Good health is our most important treasure – without it, we cannot enjoy any other values – family, love, […]


Online Consulting – Is it profitable and how can you start?


What is an online consulting? Online consulting is a veeeery vast term. It covers a considerable amount of jobs. Jobs that usually appear due to the market demand. Honestly, everyone with a decent knowledge on a particular topic can become a consultant on it. The Oxford Dictionary provides a definition of a consultant: “A person who provides expert advice professionally.” This does not sound complicated, doesn’t it? What is more, an expert advice does not necessarily have to come from the mouth of an expert! However weird this may seem to you, try to reconsider. First of all, in today’s world, it is very hard to keep up with the development of technology. Thus, becoming an expert in a certain field requires constantly updating information. And with this rapid development of […]


Excellent Content Marketing Campaigns – They Do It Well!


This is our last article of the series on content marketing.Today we are presenting and describing some of the very successful internet campaigns that did some magic when it comes to promotion of the brand. What were their goals? Target group? Results? Find out below! Excellent Content Marketing Campaigns It is extremely difficult to choose one example characteristic for content marketing strategy –that is because the interactive agencies use this type of campaign more and more often. Thus, later in the article, you will find three examples of content marketing campaigns that according to the author deserve to be called the most interesting. Here are the previous parts of out content marketing cycle:  The Intricacies of Digital Marketing A Few Words of Introduction To Content Marketing Content Marketing as a […]

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