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Start Earning More For Your Freelancing Work!


Freelancing. A popular term. And its popularity is rising. The number of people who are getting too tired of their monotonous office job and try to work on their own terms is growing every single year. Still, there is and probably always will be a vast number of those, who believe that working from home is close to being impossible. They are right. Freelancing is not for everyone. Who is a Freelancer? Alright, but let’s start from the beginning. Who is a freelancer? That’s a person who’s offering his skills online, providing services to those, who need them. Such person can work with one big client or a number of small ones – there’s no pattern here. As a freelancer, you are self-employed, and it is you who decide with […]


What is it like to live in one time zone and work in another?


How to live in one time zone, and work in another? In the contemporary world, many businesses hire employees from different places. And it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from. In the age of globalization, you can now work for a company in India, while you live in the middle of Europe. Technology and the internet offer endless solutions for companies with remote workers. Startup companies rely on such employees. The team made up of people living in distinct parts of the world may boost the productivity of your business. But there is one issue which you have to take into account – different time zones. Awareness of others’ time zones Managing a remote team often means managing people who live in a time zone other […]


What Is The Difference Between SaaS and Hosted Software?


Yesterday we shared a few links to the most popular pages where you can find, read about, and even download project management software (link in the related posts section below.) However, we had to look for pages with reviews and links to the websites offering such tools and solutions, more than for those that offer the download. That’s because when it comes to Project Management Software it’s not always available for the download. That’s because there are usually two options to choose from – the Software-as-a-Service called SaaS and hosted software. It’s important that we know the difference between the two. Why don’t we try and learn it today? 😉 We will also try to provide the most important pros and cons of both, so once you have to make the choice, you will […]


Best Time Management Tips For Small Business! [DOWNLOAD EBOOK]


We all know how hard is to find some extra time, especially when you’re a business owner or freelancer. Managing a team or being a solopreneur can be demanding, we often deal with serious problems like allocating the resources or tracking the budget devoted to each project. The “time flies” proverb is still a live issue, and we experience it every day, trying to fight with hours we are running out of. The law of physics are indisputable, but there is a way to bend the rules. One we should do is to incorporate good habits and change the approach to time management! Better said than done, right? But first we have to realize the essence of the problem, what causes the bad time management practices. Having too many responsibilities? […]


What is Project Management?


Every project needs to be managed. Efficiency, perseverance and group work are only a few of the project management’s features. But what is project management and what does it comprise of? Let’s take a look. To provide the description of project management, it is important to begin with the definitions of words: “project” and “management”. So what’s a project? It’s an enterprise, either individual or collaborative, planned in detail and taken in order to achieve a certain goal. Of course, it can refer to anything, beginning from class assignments, to elaborate projects carried on in business corporations. A project is a temporary process which can take only a few days or it can last couple or even many years. So what about management? It’s as simple as it seems – […]


The TimeCamp’s Guide To Reports!


Here’s our guide to reports! Last Friday we were discussing one of TimeCamp’s most important features, Timesheets. We’ve covered their origins, purpose, importance, and we even explained how to use  TimeCamp’s Timesheets to their fullest, saving both money and time. The link to that article will be included in the Related Posts section, so make sure to check it out! Today, we are going to focus on another vital feature of our time tracking software – Reports. The reporting tool that you can find in TimeCamp is not just an ordinary component that most of time tracking apps have as a basic accessory. They are being generated in real-time, based on the tracked data, and they are very intuitive and readable. Every user should be able to modify them accordingly to his or her needs. […]


Why Do You Need Timesheets?


When we were creating TimeCamp we focused on providing the best solution to both companies and freelancers. An app that would ease the hardship of everyday work, help its users with their time management, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Therefore, we packed it with features that we knew every user would find useful. TimeCamp will track the time of your activity and you will receive a detailed graph from which you will learn what you or the member of your team were doing, how much time did it take, and what “distractions” got in the way, which is a great method to eliminate them once and for all. Here are some of its capabilities: Comes with a wide range of platforms. The tool is available for Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), […]


These Free Online Certificates Will Complement Your CV Well!


Today we prepared something special for you. TimeCamp is also an employer, and we have a chance to browse through a lot of resumes every month. It is not a surprise that those people, who have documented a lot of experience in their CVs are more likely to make a better impression on the potential employer, and in result get the job. Most recruiters agree that additional certificates may be the bargaining chip when it comes to the final decision who should get the position in a company. Even if they don’t necessarily concern the kind of work a candidate wants to apply for, they are a proof that the potential employee is ready to go the extra mile, and constantly broadens his or her knowledge. However, what we have […]

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