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Establishing The Balanced Approach To Time – How Can It Help Us Organize Our Work?


So far we have managed to cover the three different approaches to time. First was Past Orientation, second Present Orientation, and third the Future Orientation. You will find them all in the related articles below. Now, we are moving to the more entertaining and productive part – actually making use of the gained knowledge. Let’s balance all […]


Manage Your Time More Efficiently – Find Out What Is Your Approach To Time!


Alright, remember when, like a month ago, we were discussing time management and the right approach to time? Well, you probably don’t but worry not! You will find these articles in our ‘related posts’ category. Just a quick reminder – the previous post was about focusing on the past. The positive and negative outcome of […]


Best Activity Tracking Software – Your Key To Perfect Business Management!


People are peculiar creatures. The mission statement of their lives often is how to earn money doing almost nothing. Does it sound familiar? Of course, it does! Eventually, not once have you seen your employees, for instance, occupying their Twitter or Facebook accounts instead of working on the important project. Was the experience frustrating? Like, […]

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