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How To Stay On Top Of Things?


How To Stay On Top Of Things? Being a product manager is often connected with lots of work, which may not be easy to juggle between different tasks and projects. There is always something to do, someone to talk to, somewhere to go to. And because of all the duties, it may be hard to stay on top of things. Today, TimeCamp presents a short guide on how to stay on top of your work. Create Your Own System Of Work It’s important to do things the way you like. Not only for your personal reasons, but also because it boosts your productivity. Creating a system according to which you perform your tasks makes work much easier. You always stay organized and know exactly how things work for you. Everything is […]


How To Run A Successful Board Meeting?


How To Run A Successful Board Meeting? Board meetings are something natural for companies, especially when it comes to summing up events and projects as well as all events taking place in the business. In the contemporary world, the issue of board meetings meets many problems concerning not only the organization but also communication between its participants. Today TimeCamp presents tips on how to run a successful board meeting. Adjusting To The New Model The main issue of board meetings is the fact that they are not adjusted to the ways which companies are managed in. Most of them do not follow the news on the market and do not change their policies toward board meetings. In result, it creates an outdated approach which eventually leads to the futile gathering where […]


5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People!


Being self-employed is really time-consuming, and it can even be overwhelming at times, as you struggle to keep up with all the tasks you have. But with proper time management, you can work more efficiently, increase your productivity, and get the job done faster. Today we present five best time management tips for self-employed! If you’re working on your own, earning money as a freelancer, don’t hesitate and implement them right now. Trust us; you’ll be impressed with the results! 5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People! Never Underestimate the Power of Time Tracking When used properly, time tracking is a powerful tool that can help you monitor the time you spend on every task, identify the most time-consuming ones and group together similar tasks. Shifting from one task […]


Is Facebook Good For You?


ties Do you sometimes feel like the time is leaking through your fingers? That you should’ve done much more throughout the day but you didn’t and now you have no idea how this happened. One of the most likely answers is – distractions. You distract yourself from doing the thing you ought to be doing because different possibilities occupy your mind and draw your attention. This may be the latest episode of your favorite series, a YouTube video,  an interesting article, or some notifications on your smartphone. Now, if you think of it, what’s sending these notifications? Mostly social media. And whenever you hear that Messenger’s BLIP or Snapchat’s CLYCK doesn’t it attract you in the same way a bowl attracts a dog? 😀 That’s simple behaviorism – your brain wants to choose the […]


How Can The Automation Processes Help You With Your Work?


When asked about the “force” that will have the biggest global impact in the next decade, 85% of the interviewees voted for “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.” No surprise here, considering the rapid progress of technology in the recent years, we can only expect more. Huge minds, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking are already warning about the potential risks of developing Artificial Intelligence to the point when it exceeds ours. Of course, there is the bright side of the progress. When treated responsibly, it may change the world for the better, dealing with the hunger, pollution, perhaps even wars. So let’s hope that scenarios like that of Matrix or Terminator will never come true 😉 The next commonly discussed issue is the automation process. We have to […]


TimeCamp’s Top Articles for Freelancers!


Today’s article is not really an article! It’s a whole bunch of them 😉 We’ve decided that after writing so many posts for freelancers it would be nice to gather them and present in a neat, organized list, so you won’t have to browse through our blog to find the one you need. Freelancing is constantly growing in popularity, and there are more and more people who decide to quit their company, office job, and try their chance not only to work from home but to earn more in a shorter time. Is it possible? For sure. If you’d like to find out how to start a freelancing career, we have some posts below that will definitely be of help to you! What if you are already a freelancer? There […]


Improve Your Business With TimeCamp – Case Study!


Freelancers tend to suffer from problems connected with time management. When you work alone and provide your services online to many clients, there’s a lot to be worrying about. The amount of time you work has to be correctly divided between projects and tasks to make sure that you complete everything before the deadline. What’s more, if you are paid by the hour, you need a proof of how long have you been working on the task, so the client will pay you exactly what you deserved. Read more: How to be on top of business trends?  Another problem the freelancers face is the price list for their services. Establishing one and keeping to it is an obstacle that not everyone knows how to deal with. In our post from […]


Don’t Get Lost In The Business Jungle – Find Your Way With TimeCamp!


The business world is the world of a constant struggle. It’s the jungle where only the strongest survive. Some business people make use of the attack technique, aggressively promoting their products on the market via vociferous and gaudy advertisements or undermining their competition in one way or another, while others choose to invest in tools increasing the productivity of their companies, especially when their businesses are relatively small. The market offers plenty solutions which main aim is to improve efficiency. Among those most recommendable is TimeCamp, further discussed in the articles: How Can A Company Benefit From Using TimeCamp, Five Amazing TimeCamp Features You Need To Know About, and Everything You Need To Know About TimeCamp! TimeCamp is software dedicated to those who wish to monitor the work of their […]

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