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5 Positive Habits That Keep You Super-Productive!


Today we are going to share some ideas that may help everyone who struggles every morning before going to work. Our tips may be especially helpful to freelancers, who work remotely or during their travels. How many times have you found the feeling of leaving the comfortable coziness of your bed almost unbearable? How many times you barely managed to do everything on time in the morning? Sure, there are a lot of early birds out there – those, who don’t need the alarm clock and rise the moment the first ray of sunshine falls on their cheek (or, during the winter, are just  woke up by their biological clock.) But for the most of us getting out of bed early in the morning is an ordeal. The temptation to set just […]


How Can I Stay Motivated For A Long Period of Time?


A question that people enter into the Google search engine hundreds, if not thousands of times a day. The inability to stay motivated in order to achieve a long-distance goal is very common, and millions struggle with it. After all, it requires a lot of commitment and hard work, while the reward is nowhere to be seen. Our brains work in peculiar ways. We are aware of the importance of the task we have in front of us, we know that completing it will bring us a huge amount of satisfaction, joy, probably money. Generally, one of the best feelings a human being can experience – the sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, if this is a long-term goal, we tend to focus on all the obstacles that we can run into […]


5 Rules To Help You Maintain Better Control Over Your Time!


In the past few months, we were posting some articles dedicated to those, who wanted to improve their time management skills. We helped you establish what is your approach to time (the past, present or future), we discussed the tricks that may help one better organize his or her time. Now, we would like to sum this up into the Five Most Important Rules that you should follow in order to maintain better control over your time.  At the end of today’s article, you will find the section of related posts, in which we placed the previous posts from this series, so if you haven’t got the chance to check them out, be sure you do it this time! 😉 Remember that it is never too late for a change of habits. […]


Nail Your Time Management With These Few Simple Tricks!


How often do you feel like you should be doing something important? You have a paper to finish, and the deadline is closing in. But you are not doing it, and you cannot exactly tell why. There may be many reasons. For example, you can’t stop thinking about other tasks that wait for you after you finish the first one. Or something constantly gets in your way. Or there’s this funny video called ‘Top 10 Fails’ that your friend just posted on Facebook. A must see! Even though your chances to be featured in such a video equal practically zero, you are not failing less than this poor biker, who just crushed his balls on the rail. It’s just the different kind of pain that you feel when you realize that […]


Employee Time Tracking – Can A Company Do This?


Imagine telling your employees that from now on, all of their computer performance will be monitored and reported. What you probably expect to see is a general dissatisfaction. People by nature don’t like to be controlled and they may not be happy with the implementation of time tracking software. On the other hand – it’s important to understand what’s going on in your company. If you actually struggle with legal and ethical doubts about employees monitoring, have a look at what is acceptable and what is forbidden. Does tracking employees time invade their privacy? Time tracking tools monitor how much time employees spend on particular tasks and activities, and how much they spend on unproductive websites and programs, as well as how long each employee is away from the computer. […]


5 Hot Tips To Create A Perfect To-Do List!


It’s not so easy to stay perfectly organized all the time, especially when we are overworked and have lots of things to do every day. The simplest way to keep track of daily activities is creating the to-do list. But how to make it efficient and stop forgetting about our assignments? We’ve prepared 5 hot tips to help you organize the day into a handy list of tasks. The productivity improvement is closer than you think – follow them, and you’ll be impressed with the results! 5 Hot Tips To Create A Perfect To-Do List! Choose your own way I assume that in your head you have already made a strong decision to improve the way of time management so that there is no need to write a separate subpoint for […]


“Do this and avoid that!” – Boosting Productivity at The Office!


Do you want more from your job? Many of us treat their daily job as nothing more but a source of income. We wake up in the morning, get into the car or catch a bus (some walk or ride a bike, good for those!) Then we go to the office to do some (the same) stuff for eight hours, checking the clock from time to time and noticing with irritation that time is not going any faster. That’s the worst possible approach (apart from riding a bike. 😉 that one can have towards his/her work. We tend to dislike it because we often feel like we are not doing much like there’s always something more – more tasks, more duties, more tedious work… However, there are steps that we […]


Productivity in the Workplace: How Does Communication Affect it?


Effective communication is pivotal in increasing productivity because it directly influences the behavior of the staff and the way they perform. Efficient communication which includes clear instructions, fast message delivery, and proper explanation, is the key factor to solid cooperation between managers and employees. It plays an eminent role in getting things done which ultimately increases the department’s productivity. From today’s article you will learn, how exactly does communication affect productivity in the workplace. Have a nice read!

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