The Essence of Employee Motivation


Today’s management methods in companies are created mainly by senior management, with the appropriate seniority taking up managerial positions. Meanwhile, introducing new technologies and innovative methods requires some freshness, which features the young staff. Unfortunately, it usually holds lower positions, which hampers the appearance of new initiatives. And as soon as higher managerial positions are reached, one is already part of the older staff. The Paradox Of Today’s Managers The most common approach used by management in its working relations with subordinates seems to be the carrot and stick method. Most managers base their attempts to motivate people on fear, uncertainty, and punishment, keeping them afraid of their position, and then organizing meetings in a pub. The Mistrust Of Entrepreneurs And Employees Sometimes it is our mentality that makes us […]


What Is The #1 Thing Project Managers Need?


The #1 Thing Project Managers Need Project Managers are responsible for project’s accomplishment, its structure, and all aspect dealing with its implementation and completion. Their role does not limit only to supervising tasks, but also to timescaling, estimating resources and budget, or managing the team. However, there are things Project Managers need above all. And they include 5 components: communication skills, the strength of character, clear project goals, a good team by your side, good software. So let’s take a closer look at each of them and analyze why it needs five of them to create the #1 thing Project Managers need. 1. Communication Skills Communication is the basis of the everyday life of all people. And so is the case when it comes to a Project Manager. Why? Because it […]


How To Increase Productivity During Autumn Blahs?


The autumn is in their full swing. Days are getting shorter and nights colder – getting even the best of us “down” with the autumn blues. Lack of energy and lack of motivation combined with mild depression are some of the characteristics of the autumn blahs. The season can be challenging for office managers as well who not only have to deal with their employee’s recurrent sick days due to colds and flu’s but a decrease in the staff morale and productivity too. It has also been estimated that around 3 – 6 % of employees suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is triggered in the darker autumn months. So what can one do? How can employees fight back the autumn “blahs”? Unfortunately, we can’t just dedicate a few […]


What Benefits Does The Program To Monitor Work At The Computer Bring?


We spend most of our time trying to make the most of it, complaining that we have too little of it. Nowadays, the measurement of time spent on activities has become an important part of our lives and managers compete with each other in using specialized tools such as computer monitoring applications. Since 1880, working time monitoring has evolved into what can be called the working time culture. Entrepreneurs and HR must take into account the applicable labor regulations, using an adequate number of breaks and free time available to the employee. That is why a need for precise measurement of working hours has arisen. The former mechanism, a book of presence in the company, has been replaced by work registration systems. Monitoring computer work time has become a useful mechanism […]


How To Stay Focused And Always Achieve Your Goals?


Goals are an inseparable part of our life and work. They are our motivation or point in life we look forward too. But in today’s world, it may be difficult to stay focused and achieve them. There are many distractions which draw our attention toward a different direction. How To Stay Focused And Always Achieve Your Goals? Accomplishing a goal can be a hard work. Sometimes it takes a lot effort and it’s easy to lose focus. We’ve got a few useful tips which can help you stay focused and always achieve your goals. #1 Write Out Your Goals And Follow A Plan Goals may seem an abstract thing. It is easier to visualize and achieve them when they are written out on the paper (or computer). It is the first thing […]


How To Track Project Time?


William Penn said that: “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”  And when it comes to projects, it is important to use the time assigned to them in the most precise way. Measuring the effectiveness of work time spent on projects is essential in project management. It helps to estimate money and sources needed for the enterprise. How To Track Project Time? Today TimeCamp presents a guide on how to track project time, especially useful if you decide to use our software. When tracking project time, take into consideration the following aspects of the project, and tracking its time will not be a problem anymore. Project Management With TimeCamp every project can be easily managed. You don’t have to worry about gathering information on every single one […]


Benefits of Time Tracking And How To Use It Effectively


Benefits of Time Tracking and How to Use It Effectively Time curates our lives. We constantly think about it, try to figure out how to make it work better for us and always complain that we haven’t got enough of it. Nowadays, time tracking has become a part of our everyday life and even a kind of a demand for a business world, where companies use various time-tracking devices to punch in and punch out their employees. Since the late 1880s, time tracking has been evolving into something that now can be called a time tracking culture. So in today’s world, efficient use of time has become a necessary skill for everyone. But sometimes people seem to underappreciate this valuable resource and waste it, often without understanding how beneficial time […]


Slow Management – What Is It?


  In today’s world, especially in the world of work, employees must continuously implement tasks they have been entrusted with. Measuring their effectiveness while doing this, managers take into account the following: how quickly staff fulfills the tasks assigned to them; how quickly and effectively teams perform projects the assigned to them; whether the timing of their implementation affects their quality. Install TimeCamp to calculate the time spent on each project to the second. The idea of slow management is based on the assumption that an employee has as much time as necessary for carrying out their duties. Slow Management  – What is it? As it is known, doing something faster does not mean it will be done better. In the constant pursuit of deadlines, tasks performed by employees can […]