Five Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Know What You Do


How To Know Your Boss Doesn’t Know What You Do? Has it ever occurred to you that your boss asked you a question “What did you do today?” It may seem as something standard to be heard at work. But does it mean that he is really interested in what you do? Does your boss know what your job in the company is and is the question a reflection of his interest? Or maybe alarm bells should set off on the sound of such a question? Here are five signs pointing to the fact that your boss doesn’t know what you do. 1. S/he Doesn’t Communicate Communication is crucial. Especially at work. We need it to function normally, to share our ideas and business related issues. And it doesn’t matter if […]


5 Ways on How Time Tracking Can Keep You Profitable!


Time tracking is an integral part of a professional life.  Company records time while their employees are on the job and performing a task, it is highly rational since companies are charging them per time.  Some hours they spent in providing service to the clients should be reflected the amount of money they gained. A systematic approach in tracking time can boost the profit and improve efficiency that may lead to better decisions and will make life easy for the employee and the employers. 5 Ways on How Time Tracking Can Keep You Profitable Modernize Your Billing System When you track time using the old ways, you need to pay for the service of a data encoder.  Furthermore, you are wasting your time transferring the information from the excel file […]


Don’t Get Lost In The Business Jungle – Find Your Way With TimeCamp!


The business world is the world of a constant struggle. It’s the jungle where only the strongest survive. Some business people make use of the attack technique, aggressively promoting their products on the market via vociferous and gaudy advertisements or undermining their competition in one way or another, while others choose to invest in tools increasing the productivity of their companies, especially when their businesses are relatively small. The market offers plenty solutions which main aim is to improve efficiency. Among those most recommendable is TimeCamp, further discussed in the articles: How Can A Company Benefit From Using TimeCamp, Five Amazing TimeCamp Features You Need To Know About, and Everything You Need To Know About TimeCamp! TimeCamp is software dedicated to those who wish to monitor the work of their […]


Need Some Inspiration? Read These 10 Productivity Articles! 27/8/17


Another week comes with the most popular from our roundups. Make yourself comfortable and read these 10 Most Inspiring Productivity Articles from past seven days, chosen by our team! Our blog is a place where we provide all the productivity and time management knowledge. We try to do that by writing and posting worth reading articles full of useful tips and life hacks. Self and work time improvement is our priority, so we want to inspire all our readers and motivate them to start to increase their time management skills and make them more productive. Because our lives cannot be filled just with dull moments without any will of life. Let’s stop saying “no” to improvement – it’s time to stop being weak! Sharing wisdom and knowledge doesn’t only mean […]


3 Incredible Things You Can Learn In Only 10 Minutes


What Can You Learn in Only 10 Minutes? It Will Surprise You! In today’s world, everything is fast. We move fast, we eat fast, we work fast and even sleep fast. All these things take so much of our time away that we no longer have space for ourselves. We live in a fast paced world where everyone is always in a hurry. And even though some people may still have enough time to pursue their hobby or passion, not many of us realize how many useful things we can learn in our free time. And it doesn’t mean we have to spend hours on that. What if I tell you that only 10 minutes a day is enough? Sounds incredible, right? Maybe even impossible? Not anymore! So let’s take a […]


TOP 3 Petitions Which Can Boost Companies’ Productivity


Today we present the top three petitions which can boost companies’ productivity. You may wonder why it matters and what’s the purpose. The thing is, petitions have an enormous power to change things for the better. They engage people in action. They make them think and react to controversies and issues which are wrong. Additionally, thanks to petitions, the word can spread and reach a wider audience. But let’s take a closer look at the most popular website for petitions online – What is     The website was launched on February 7, 2007. Its chief executive is Ben Rattray. Today, the company has offices in 18 countries. The website itself has many users (10 million members in 2012) and the number is still growing. To the most popular topics […]


TimeCamp and Nozbe Integration is Here!


That’s right – Nozbe Time Tracking is available now! For quite some time TimeCamp could only be integrated with Nozbe through Zapier. But that’s no more! Now you can effortlessly perform the complete TimeCamp and Nozbe integration. Easy, quick, and with some new features that you couldn’t use before, check them out! What is Nozbe? Nozbe will help your team complete tasks and projects in the most efficient way. It is available for all devices – Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobiles. Here’s what you can do with it: Manage team tasks in shared project lists Organize tasks with coloured icons Collaborate with guests users View tasks on a calendar Create projects templates Sync with Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote and more… You can also prioritize your tasks for the better […]


How To Manage Your Time Effectively?


Sooner or later we begin to realize the unpleasant truth about time – it is a limited source, and there is no way to get it back. The sooner it hits us, the better. After all, we don’t want to look back at the days spent watching TV, fooling around, working, or napping. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we learn how to effectively manage our time. ASAP, as they say in the international corporations 😉 Of course, to save time that we can later spend on pleasant activities, we have to manage our duties first. That’s where the problem lies, as it is always easier to get yourself carried away by those actions that offer nothing but entertainment and joy. However,  if we neglect the tasks that have to […]