Productivity Articles 14/1/19 – Redefine Your Approach To Time!

  • January 14, 2019
  • by Ola Rybacka

It’s time for the new dose of Productivity Articles!

What’s the idea behind our weekly Productivity Articles Roundups?

As you add more activities to your daily routine, it can be quite a hassle to keep track of progress and make sure that everything is done correctly. It’s a short way to start being overwhelmed and feel under pressure, which may result in chaos. 

How to deal with it without any effort? It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is to choose the right support!

Our mission is to write and post worth reading articles full of useful tips and life hacks. Self and work time improvement is our priority, so we want to inspire all our readers and motivate them to start to increase their time management skills and make them more productive.

Sharing wisdom and knowledge doesn’t only mean that we post articles where we provide our tips and hacks. We also want to hear people and their needs to meet their expectations entirely.

As a result, we give you excellent productivity, time management, and self-improvement roundup full of advice!

What are our best Productivity Articles this week?

Top 5 Linux Distributions for Productivity – by Jack Wallen

Most of the PC users work on Mac or Windows, but if you’re a Linux enthusiast, you should be familiar with the lack of tools designed for this system. Here the post on Linux Foundation blog comes with help – it collects best Linux distributions for improving productivity.

Could the Path to Peak Productivity Be to Work…Less? – by Ellen Hindson

We usually think that the best way to achieve maximum productivity level is to work hard and spend as much time as we can on our duties. Ellen Hindson from Patron Manager shares the different approach – read it and find out if it’s for you!

5 Effective Ways To Increase Productivity Using Technology – by Riya Sander

How do you find technology – does it distract you or you treat it as a huge help? Here are five scenarios that show us how the latest tech trends can streamline our work.

6 Tips to Become More Productive at Home – by Molly Grace

We all know that staying at home means usually watching Netflix series, reading books or doing mostly unproductive things. This short guide advises how to turn these lazy days into the productive ones!

Why Are Employees That Work from Home More Productive? – by Annabelle

We often consider remote workers as entirely unproductive, because they work at home where everything can distract them. Here’s a fresh perspective of how they work and why they’re more efficient than employees that spend their work hours in the office!

5 Things I’m Doing To Start The New Year Productively & Ensure I Reach My Goals – by Lucy Connelly

The third week of January has already started, but we’re pretty sure some of our readers didn’t find any great tips for making their 2019 more productive. Lucy shares her favorite tips, so we encourage you to follow them!

Reevaluating Our Kids’ Schedules While Teaching Them Time and More! – by Jennifer Miller

We demand too much from our children – they have too many extra lessons, instead of just having fun, it often results in they lose track of time. This article shows how to make their schedules more flexible and teach them the appropriate approach to time!

Five Time Management Habits to Adopt in College – by Lawrence Wang

College students are overworked, they have many subjects to attend, many things to learn and understand, but too less time to spend it on their passions and hobbies. Lawrence Wang advises how to manage student time effectively!

How to Boost Productivity Working From Home – by Undercover Recruiter

Want more remote work productivity tips but prefer looking at a picture instead of reading long posts? Here you’ll find a few infographics providing the best work from home advice!

3 Ways to Increase Productivity Using Workers’ Personality Types – by Kim Harris

Did you know that the way you’re productive depends on your character and type of your personality? Kim Harris explains here how it works!

If you want to send us your favorite productivity articles, time management, and self-improvement articles, please feel free to do it. Leave them in comments, can’t wait to read the tips you love!

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  1. Jennifer Miller
    January 14, 2019 at 15:02

    Thank you so much for sharing my article! Love that your site supplies helpful, practical tips on time management. Would love it if you could change the name of my site to Confident Parents, Confident Kids – Thanks so much! Glad to be connected. Best! Jennifer Miller, Author of Confident Parents, Confident Kids

    1. Ola Rybacka
      January 14, 2019 at 19:38

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’ve just made the changes!
      We’re more than happy if we can share tips that our users can consider as useful – no matter if they have kids or not, these tips are perfect for all the people who want to redefine their approach to time management!
      PS. Any sharing of this post will be appreciated :).
      Ola at TimeCamp


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