Time Billing Software

“I want to be able to accurately bill my clients for the work done.”

That’s the sentence we hear or read a lot talking to our customers and asking them about their expectations towards TimeCamp as time billing software.

It’s quite obvious considering that your business is fueled by time. It’s your most precious resource that determines the whole work. It makes you decide which member of your team is responsible for the particular task. It helps you set priorities. It enables to plan the work. Finally, it’s the basis of your financial flow.

The more hours you spent on a given assignment, the higher revenues you can expect from your clients. However, everyone wants to be treated right and fair. Your clients would be eager to know that they are not paying for nothing.

There are a few reasons why the time in your company goes unrecorded:

Time billing software is the tool which allows you to bill more as it register every single minute that you could be paid for. It enables you to be more precise and reliable for your team and business partners. How?

With TimeCamp you can easily collect time data. Using automatic mode and precisely defining unique keywords for your projects and tasks there is a bigger chance that all billable minutes will be registered in your reports. This will enable you to bill your clients adequately to the time worked and generate accurate invoices. Moreover, thanks to invoicing feature built in, you can automatically send them documents and faster receive your payments.

It’s even more simple as you can set your billing rates and time budget for certain projects. Thanks to this you can track the progress, detect potential delays and predict the height of your revenues.

Don’t wait any longer and start using the only right time billing software. Earn more and join TimeCamp community.

Ease your work and the work of your team. Try TimeCamp free for 30 days and learn how easy it can be to bill your time.