Increase your project profitability up to 30% with the best Harvest alternative time tracker

TimeCamp is 100% free software made to help you track time in your projects easier and accurately. Integrate project structures with PM tools you use and bill your clients based on worked hours.

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Comparison of TimeCamp and Harvest features

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Free plan for unlimited users
Apps & Websites tracking
Integrations with 70+ tools Only 50+
Projects with tasks and subtasks
Automatic time tracking
Extended reports
Cost & Revenue
Billing & invoicing

timecamp benefits

What makes TimeCamp the best alternative to Harvest timekeeping tool?

It is free for unlimited users

With TimeCamp you can track your company’s time for free forever and without any user limits. Just create an account and start tracking time. If you will need to expand your plan - you can do it whenever you want.

It can reflect your project structures

Extended, branched projects structures with subtasks can reflect your work for clients or internal procedures perfectly. It will show you exactly how much time it takes to finish a project and help estimate future projects better.

It saves your time every day thanks to integrations

TimeCamp users can save their working time every day. Just integrate with software you use to import data like project structures from PM tools or events from calendars and export attendance reports to handle payrolls.

Our ccustomers about TimeCamp integrations: 86% say that it makes time tracking much easier

It enables you to track time in apps or websites

Your team’s productivity can be measurable. All you need to do is track time with TimeCamp with an activities feature. The tool will let you know if you are spending your time on productive work or rather distractors.

Our customers who use the activities tracking notice productivity increased up to more than 30%.

How timecamp works

how to start with timecamp

Starting with TimeCamp is easy!


Account set up

You can create your account for free using e-mail or Google.


Create project structure

Set project and task structures by yourself or just import them from the PM tool using integration.


Start tracking time

Choose the best way for you to track time and use the one-click timer in the TimeCamp desktop, mobile or web app.


Get reports full of data

Check your team’s performance, time budgets, hours logged in projects, and many other statistics on clear reports.


Set hourly rates for people or roles

Set hourly rates for your team to see how much each project cost your company.


Approve employees’ timesheets

Do your employees tend to forget about time tracking? As the admin, you can require a user to submit their timesheets for approval.


Share reports

All valuable data gathered by TimeCamp you can analyze on reports. If you want to share it or download you can do it in the most popular formats.


Invoice your clients

To save time and make your work easier generate invoices in TimeCamp based on tracked hours.

timecamp features

One-click time tracking

With TimeCamp you don’t have to click and click all the time to track your time. Our desktop app as well as the browser plugin requires only one click to start or stop the timer.

Time tracking automation

To make time tracking easier and faster you can use our automation features. Set keywords in the app and use it during the work - TimeCamp will add time entries to the chosen task. To simplify time tracking even more you can also import all events from your calendar.

Reports filled with data

Analyze and compare valuable data provided by TimeCamp on clear reports with graphical charts. You can choose from various types of reports or just create your custom one and save it as a template.

Projects with subtasks

Create or import projects and divide them into tasks to reflect your work exactly how it looks.

70+ full integrations

TimeCamp enables you to integrate with more than 70 popular software for project management, accounting, administration, and many others, so you can export or import your data freely.

Tracking websites and apps

Track time spend on specified websites or apps and mark them as productive or non-productive to get a real view of your working hours.

Cost & revenue

Set hourly rates for people, roles, or specified projects to see summarized labor costs. You can also divide time between billable and non-billable hours and compare it with expected revenue.


Save time on invoicing and handle the whole project in one tool. In TimeCamp you can create invoices based on worked hours, add additional costs and send it to your clients.


Manage your employees’ payrolls easier and faster. TimeCamp will save clock-in and clock-out hours and spot time away from the computer to get you all data you need in one place.

Start tracking time

Check other Harvest alternatives

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend TimeCamp as a perfect Harvest alternative. 87% of users who have been tracking time before say that TimeCamp improved the reliability of time tracking.

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If you need a powerful Harvest alternative for project management and time tracking, you might have just found the one. Wrike takes care of many aspects of your business, such as team management, billable and nonbillable hours count, and project tracking. If you want to have more project functionalities rather than just Harvest time timekeeping, have a look below at the list of the features this essential tool can provide.

Main Features:

  • mobile, desktop, and Web apps

  • tasks and subtask management

  • personalized work schedules

  • project portfolio management

  • calendar, email integration

  • smart search, voice integration, smart replies, quick reactions

  • real-time reports, analytics & data visualizations

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Team: $9.80

  • Business: $24.80

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • Pinnacle: individually tailored

  • 14-day trial available

My Hours

This Harvest alternative helps to track time, organize projects and tasks as well as create pleasant-to-the-eye reports for your clients. Project management and profitability will be a lot easier with hourly rates My Hours allows to set. The key features are a lot more extensive than those of Harvest timer and many of them are available within the simplest free version of My Hours.

Main Features:

  • automatically generating Client invoices

  • tracking reminders

  • daily tracking as well as weekly tracking (timesheets)

  • unlimited projects, tasks, clients

  • budget hours, billable or cost amounts

  • billable rate per project, tasks, team members

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Pro: $6


When considering Harvest hour tracking alternatives, Jibble ranks high as an intuitive and straightforward software. A very cool feature is its ability to apply face recognition and biometrics verification to your employee monitoring. It is not something every tracking time tool offers.

Main Features:

  • GPS time tracking through on mobile device or shared kiosk

  • biometric verification

  • automatic attendance tracking and payroll processing (timesheets, reports)

  • client-based and project-based time tracking

  • geofencing capabilities

  • time tracking of client projects

  • manage invoices, rates, billable time

  • works on Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Premium: €2,99

  • Ultimate: €5,99

  • Enterprise: individually customized for large companies is an interesting proposal among Harvest tracking time alternatives that allow for manual entry as well as automatic timesheet admission. A valuable addition to standard business management features is expense management, which includes such factors as mileage tracking. Moreover, you can track time in offline mode, capture receipts for your team expenses, and issue training materials.

Main Features:

  • time off requests and calendar scheduling

  • ability to track mileage and log expenses

  • easy, flexible reporting in various formats

  • employee performance tracking and file uploads

  • employee training materials

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Freelancer: Free

  • Standard: $5,50

  • Nonprofit: $4,40

Toggl Track

Toggl Track performs similar functions to the Harvest timekeeping tool but its added value is the simplicity of use and beautiful graphic design. A straightforward employee productivity analysis, informative reports, and graphs Toggl Track provides will surprise you with all the features of a decent project management tool.

Main features:

  • time tracking with the use of a start and stop button

  • exporting time logs as Excel spreadsheets

  • reports via email or share links

  • ability to send professional invoices and view invoice history

  • available as a Web, mobile, and desktop app

  • available offline mode with online sync

  • more than 100 integrations are available

  • automatic alerts and reminders

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free: up to 5 users

  • Starter: $10

  • Premium: $20

  • Enterprise: consulted individually


Would you like to review employee performance, project costs, profits, and losses in a single place? In such a case, ActiTIME might be your best Harvest alternative.

Main Features:

  • manual or automatic time capture

  • mobile app and Chrome extension available

  • financial reports and data visualizations available

  • project management and tracking through Kanban boards

  • budget controlling, estimates, and work planning

  • easy onboarding and features customization

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • 1-3 users: free

  • 1-40 users: $7

  • 41-200 users: $6

  • 200+ users: agreed fixed cost


DeskTime is a perfect Harvest alternative for those who need to manage a small or larger group of people as well as monitor one's private time. Better project tracking allows for improvement in your team's performance and productivity. DeskTime provides all that and even more innovative functions.

Main Features:

  • Automatic time tracking

  • URL app tracking

  • Integrated web timer

  • Productivity calculations

  • Idle time tracking

  • Project time tracking

  • Mobile app

  • User integrations

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • DeskTime Lite: $0

  • Pro: $7

  • Premium: $10

  • Enterprise: $20

  • Month free with an annual plan

  • 14-day free trial available


TMetric is a great choice for most professions. As a Harvest alternative, it should be chosen by marketing agencies, software developers, designers, consultants, lawyers, and also freelancers. If you not only want to tackle simple time tracking but have access to an improved calendar display and detailed task notes TMetric will suit your needs.

Main Features:

  • timekeeping with manual entries available

  • sites and apps monitoring

  • activity tracking and idle time detection

  • screenshots capturing

  • task and project management; budgeting

  • Client projects' billing and invoicing

  • time off management, calendar

  • available as a desktop app and web app,

  • API enables the integration with business management software (over 50 integrations altogether)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Professional: $5

  • Business: $7


TrackingTime does exactly what the name implies but not only. Task and project management features are worth looking at, especially when it comes to what the Pro plan offers. Timecards with extra hours and paid time off and time rounding options will also make your payroll management simpler than ever.

Main features:

  • slack bot

  • adding manual time entries and recurring time entries;

  • batch editing available

  • time rounding

  • unlimited clients, tasks, projects

  • tracking tasks, projects, and clients

  • integrates with more than 50 apps and systems

  • tracking time available for Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version for up to 3 users

  • Pro: $7 (with 14-day trial)

Choose the best-suited tool and monitor employees effectively

As you can see, Harvest hour tracking is not the only valuable solution on the market of time-tracking apps and software. Use your opportunity for free trials and find Harvest alternatives tailored best to your needs.