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ClickUp time tracking

ClickUp is a productivity platform for teams. With a wide range of features, ClickUp is able to replace almost any tool that an effective team requires such as task management, to-do lists, spreadsheets. Now you can also track time spent on tasks without leaving ClickUp.

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Want to track time in your team ?

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How it works

Track all your tasks and projects in one place. TimeCamp makes time tracking, budgeting and invoicing easy and painless. Import all your Teams, Spaces, Projects, Lists and Tasks and track time for maximum project profitability. Use time tracked in ClickUp for analytics and export reports.

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Effortless time tracking

Tracking time with TimeCamp does not change your workflow. Time is tracked automatically, with no need to fill up a timesheet or switch from one app to another. Chrome extension allows time tracking directly in ClickUp, so it becomes effortless and simple.

Extra features

When you set up a TimeCamp integration, you not only can get your time tracked. You can use one of many features: invoicing, tracking billable hours, submitting timesheets and budgeting your projects. ClickUp time tracking helps you manage your work even better than before.

Attendance module

TimeCamp also offers an attendance tool, which shows clock in/clock out hours, billable hours and allows you to set vacations, remote work and more. With the attendance module you can easily see how productive your employees are. Stop wasting time on manual reporting.

ClickUp dashboard with TimeCamp integration

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Follow these simple steps to enable time tracking in ClickUp and sync your projects..

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Log in to your TimeCamp account. Go to the Settings, then to the Integrations tab. Find ClickUp on the list and click on the "enable" button.


Click on the "enable integration" button.


You will be redirected to ClickUp web page. Grant TimeCamp authorization to access data from your account. Then select the Team you want to integrate the data for and click on the “Connect Teams” button.


Your Teams, Spaces, Projects, Lists, and Tasks will be imported. They will be accessible for you to track time on with TimeCamp’s timesheets and turn time tracked into useful reports.


And it's done! You can start tracking time and reporting. If you’re using Google Chrome, you may consider installing our plugin to track time spent on tasks directly in the ClickUp web version. Time tracking has never been easier!

Benefits include

Thanks to the integration with TimeCamp you can now track time spent on every ClickUp task you need. Whether it's creating, planning, reporting or managing work, you don't have to worry about bad time management. With TimeCamp integration, task time tracking is easy. Simply start and stop the timer when you're switching tasks. Note that with our browser extension you can add our manual timer directly to ClickUp app.

Tracking time has never been easier. TimeCamp works in the background, so you can focus on doing your work. There's no need to change the way you work - you can enjoy tracking your projects without any distractions. Track time with our browser extension or use our desktop app to conveniently start and stop time. Our extension adds a button to every ClickUp task so you can track time in ClickUp directly.

Assign time and money to certain ClickUp tasks for quick and easy billing. Use our invoice generator to create professional invoices from time tracked in ClickUp and make billing simple. If you hire employees on an hourly rate, manage payroll and attendance in TimeCamp. Connect with your other work apps to create one, effective workspace.

Track time spent on activities and get detailed time reports. Find out how much time your team members spent on particular projects. Assign tasks to team members and add time to underestimated activities. Detailed reporting also helps you point out the most time-consuming activities and eliminate them. Track time for ClickUp tasks by importing your project structure to TimeCamp. Create and analyze time entries effortlessly. Save time on admin tasks and focus on the work that matters. Use your work apps like usually, TimeCamp will record all web pages and apps you have been using and log work hours.

Time tracking in TimeCamp is not only limited to a simple timer. When you create time entries for your ClickUp tasks, you will be able to analyze time tracked by people and projects, project profitability and team productivity with robust reporting features. Moreover, you can track billable and non-billable hours, generate invoices based on time entries, export reports for clients, and track attendance. If you want to learn more about your company and how to save your time, TimeCamp can answer your question.

TimeCamp offers a free plan with basic time tracking for unlimited users, projects, and tasks. If you want to turn your tracked time into invoices or you want to add billing rates to your projects and employees, check our paid options for advanced time tracking. Sync ClickUp with TimeCamp for free and try it out. Track time in ClickUp and use time entries to analyze your productivity. Add a time tracking button to every task in ClickUp to easily measure your time spent on every task. Start tracking time today!

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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