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TimeCamp is now available in German, Spanish and French

By January 20, 2015 3 Comments

We are excited to announce that we translated TimeCamp and our website to Spanish, German and French.

Visit Spanish TimeCamp, German TimeCamp, French TimeCamp website.

To start using TimeCamp in languages mentioned above, open your TimeCamp account, click on your name in upper right corner in TimeCamp account and select My Profile.

From the Language field select German, Spanish or French and click on Save Settings button.

From now on, you can use TimeCamp in your native language 🙂

Marlena Kuczyńska

Author Marlena Kuczyńska

Marlena helps users to go through the first steps with TimeCamp. She usually writes about time management and productivity.

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  • penjuto says:

    I’m from Spain and I’m sorry to tell you that the spanish translation is not very good and can be greatly improved. Your effort is appreciated, anyway.

  • jc_maxwell says:

    I can say the very same for the German translation as penjuto said for the Spanish translation. I am a native speaker, the translation is awkward, the effort is appreciated.

    Nevertheless I think TimeCamp is awesome.

  • jc_maxwell, penjuto, thanks a lot for precious feedback! We will try hard to fix all imperfections 🙂

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