Perfect Solution for Your Dev Team? Axosoft and TimeCamp Attendance Tracker!

  • June 21, 2016
  • by Ola Rybacka
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Productivity is of the greatest essence in any professional setting. By automating some of the most common tasks in our workplaces, we can increase productivity by manifolds. There are applications which improve the productivity of your organization by making a large number of tasks automated. Applications like Axosoft and TimeCamp can greatly enhance the overall productivity of any organization.

There are many benefits of having and attendance tracking system in an organization. These are just some benefits of integrating Axosoft and TimeCamp Attendance Tracker in your organization.

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Benefits of using Axosoft and TimeCamp Attendance Tracker together

Less Paperwork

Keeping the records of attendance in the old ways of using pen and paper is not only slow.

It is also a waste of resources which could be better used elsewhere. Examples: such as the paper and printing ink used for the keeping of manual records. Using Attendance tracking software from TimeCamp desktop time tracker, you can save yourself a lot of resources.


Bookkeeping is one of those activities where a small mistake can lead to a much bigger loss.

But it doesn’t need to be mentioned that the human mind is not really a reliable source for the recalling of information.

Keeping track of attendance using the manual ways has the possibility of mistakes. The digital record of attendance can ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data which will be helpful for the delivery of accurate paychecks. It is depending on the time put in by the individual members of the development team.

Prevent Theft

Many businesses don’t realize it but… One of the biggest culprits in the loss of revenue for them is the workers checking in for their friends. Other forms of this similar phenomenon include taking a longer time for lunch than what has been allotted and not mentioning it. Automated recording of attendance prevents this costly loss of productivity called time theft.

Automated Payroll

Payroll calculation is an important function of the accounting and HR departments of any business. This can be a time-consuming task depending on the size of the organization.

If the development team is big then a lot of time is spent on the calculation of payrolls.

The employees have the additional job of keeping track of their time records and performing the tasks of accountants. It decreases their overall productivity and results in less time being spent on the development.

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Attendance tracking software from TimeCamp allows the data to be accessed from multiple places especially if the company is spread over multiple sites.

The centralization of attendance data allows the calculation of a lot of information, such as payroll, a much easier task.

Axosoft is one of the most popular project management software which can help in the tracking of the progress of many different tasks taking place in a software company. The combination of these two tools results in a highly effective management of the team’s time. In fact, this is the perfect solution your team has been looking for.

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