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1. What is Asana?

One of the most popular project management, that’s what it is. It organizes the chaos of today’s work into clear and approachable tasks. Integrated with other team collaboration tools, like TimeCamp, it also tracks time and does many other work-simplifying tasks. Implementing Asana in one’s business may literally contribute to its success. Its primary goal is to allow people to collaborate more swiftly and successfully. How? By providing a set of features:

  • It lets users create tasks and assign them to particular individuals or teams.
  • Tasks can be organized into shared projects.
  • Advanced customization allows users to manage their work better.
  • Integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and, of course, a computer allows users to add files to any task and conversation.
  • A prioritized to-do list is a great help in planning work.
  • Built-in inbox automatically informs about the important tasks.
  • Precise search engine quickly finds the necessary information.
  • Well-designed calendars, dashboards, and galleries give an insight into our work and files immediately.

Shall you require even more features, get interested in the Premium version, the price is just 8.33$ per user (billed annually) and it automatically reduced for small teams!

2. Asana – how to?

This great project management tool equips or company in tools most essential for the teamwork. We may start a task or a project conversations, distribute assignments among our employees and much more.  Their elaborate supporting system will lead you through all options and features from the most trivial ones to those quite complicated and advanced. Furthermore, Asana support page is divided into two sections, for beginners, who want to get familiar with its basic options, there is a Basics Section, where you can both read and watch what is this all about. And for the users who already know the essentials, the Do More section awaits – there you will learn how to set up your projects, invite teammates, delegate tasks and more, all step-by-step.

But, if you do not want to open new tabs right now and still would like to get even more familiar with the use of Asana, check out our short tutorial below:

3. Asana integrations.

The number of project management applications, that asana can be integrated with, is growing. Well, growing is not the right word, it is overwhelming! In all honesty, it was hard to choose just a few and make this list. We have tried to pick at least one from every category. Anyway, let us present some of the most well-known. However, if you feel like we have made some mistake by not including a certain software, just let us know in the comments!


While asana provides all our team members with their workspace (projects and tasks assigned to them), Timecamp allows them to track their working time. As a result, our team knows how much time is being spent on a particular activity Consequently they can improve and delegate their responsibilities more efficiently. After integration, Timecamp imports and categorizes all of our assignments in the same way, as it was made in asana. With all our projects and tasks imported and time being tracked, we can get to work!
If you are interested in this integration, check out our tutorial explaining how to do it:

For more TimeCamp integrations watch the video below! 

Cloud Storage

Asana is linked to Google, both Drive and Dropbox are built-in into its task pane. This is one of Asana essential features, and while using it, we will most likely always attach files to particular projects with the help of Google Drive.

We can attach files to our tasks thanks to built-in file chooser from Google Drive. Open the task pane and click “Attach from Google Drive” button, then select the file you want.


As well as Google Drive, the Dropbox file chooser can be found in Asana task pane. Integration is built-in but before we can use it, we have to sign up for a Dropbox account. After that, the use is as simple as in the case of Google Drive.


Asana offers an easy integration with Google Calendar for those, who need to be reminded about their tasks, or simply want to check them once in a while. If you are not a big fan of Google Calendar, do not worry! Asana can also by synchronized with iCal, many Outlook versions and all calendars that allow URL subscription. Thinking of synchronizing your Asana with a calendar? See the GUIDE.


Specially designed Chrome extension for Asana is going to ease your work. While you are in Chrome, add tasks to Asana from any web page you like using a keyboard shortcut. Share interesting links with your team or save them for later use. Also, you can create tasks from your e-mail. Your work will get much easier thank to Asana+Chrome extension. Download and try it yourself!


Okta is an identity management service provider that saves us from the struggle of remembering all our account names and their passwords. With Okta, we can log into Asana with our corporate credentials. What is more, if you have Asana premium account, you can already use Okta as it is built-in. If you want to learn more, check out this page.


Wufoo is a web application for online forms building. It has a variety of uses – we can collect support tickets and orders from our clients, gather names of people who want to work with us for a later use. Moreover, to improve work inside our team, we can, for example, create a “suggestion box”, gather contact information, input bug details to track and delete them and many, many more. It requires some skill to be set, but do not get scared; everything is thoroughly explained in this guide.

4. Summing up.

To conclude, we are sure that Asana is a wonderful team collaboration tool that can contribute to more effective time management in every company. Of course, we have presented only a few of the integrations available, if you would like to get more information on this great software and extensions that can be added to it, go and visit their main page.

And do not forget that the best time tracking device for asana is TimeCamp! Try it now!

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