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  • May 12, 2021
  • by Ola Rybacka
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Already a project time tracking software user, but need to try something different? Get a 100% free Harvest alternative that tracks time automatically, bills customers and employees accurately, and helps monitor the team’s workflow.

👉 TimeCamp vs. Harvest: overall comparison

Harvest and TimeCamp are competitors, but there are undoubtedly two great time tracking software. They both track time automatically, providing users with an invoicing feature and let the team track the progress thanks to the developed project dashboard. But compared to Harvest, TimeCamp is just cheaper – if you want to get the same quality for less money, consider switching to our tool. Give it a try and find out how much time you can save and how it meets your business needs!

The healthy employer-employee relationship is fundamental for businesses working efficiently. Being one of the most reliable Harvest alternatives on the market, TimeCamp allows your employees to track background activities so that they can easily fill the timesheet without wasting much time on doing it manually. It also gives you the proof of their work but doesn’t make them feel being observed – one we want to avoid is over-the-shoulder management.

👉 Features comparison

We compared the features that both time tracking software offer and significantly improve business workflow.

TimeCamp Feature Harvest
Free trial
Automatic time tracking
Attendance Management
Budget control
Custom Reports
Custom Roles
Mobile/Desktop time tracker app
Vacation/Leave Tracking
5.25$ per seat per month Lowest paid plan 12$ per seat per month

👉 What about costs?

Both tools have free plans; however, the one in Harvest includes one seat and two projects only and, unfortunately, has many restrictions. By choosing a free TimeCamp plan, you’ll get unlimited projects and tasks as well as unlimited users. What is more, it also has two types of timesheets, reporting, one integration, tags for better project management, and PDF export.

While you can get Harvest for 12$ per seat per month, TimeCamp offers more flexible pricing. It has two paid plans:

  • Basic (5.25$ per user per month) for better transparency that includes everything in free and many other features like unlimited integrations, billable time and budgeting, custom reports, management roles, team productivity tracking, XLS export,
  • Pro – (7.50$ per user per month) – is packed with everything in Free and Basic but also offers, e.g., billing rates, custom user roles, invoicing, and timesheet approvals.

What is more, there is also an Enterprise plan for these businesses with more advanced, custom needs.

For the full TimeCamp features list please visit our Pricing page that compares all the plans.

👉 According to users, is TimeCamp a good Harvest alternative?

Based on users’ reviews on various software marketplaces (like Capterra or G2Crowd), TimeCamp is one of the best Harvest alternatives. It helps you keep track of your work (serves you as well as task management software!). And as you can see, project time tracking with our app is a piece of cake. When the tracking app works, it monitors your computer activity, assigns them to particular projects to deliver powerful reports on how you and your team are performing.


TeamCamp team time tracking clock

Thanks to the attendance feature, it also enhances the payroll, expense tracking, and accounting processes. Tracking time automatically, saves your time, because you don’t have to spend it filling timesheets manually (but feel free to do it, if you prefer that way!). Available for all the most popular platforms and devices, it tracks time directly for all your tasks and syncs without any delays (and in comparison with Harvest, TimeCamp is also available for Linux and Ubuntu).


Harvest Inside

🤔 Why choose TimeCamp?

If your business needs not only project time tracking but also features for better billing and employee attendance, TimeCamp will be a wonderful Harvest alternative.

🤔 Why choose Harvest?

If you need a simple time tracking that significantly improves business workflow, Harvest will meet your needs.


If you need to find out more about TimeCamp and how it works, our support is available and happy to help. Visit also the Knowledge Base for more info.

High-performing teams and freelancers love TimeCamp ❤️

Sign up for a free trial today and improve your business performance with robust time tracking software!
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