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A Tale of Scalability and Ease of Use: Raindrop Marketing and TimeCamp.


Jakub Szyszka, 13.01.2020

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About Raindrop Marketing

Raindrop Marketing is a branding and content agency based in San Diego, CA with a team of 60+ people. Their use of time trackers has been geared towards assessing whether all of the work hours are billed to the clients.

Raindrop Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner

Co-owner and Chief Strategy Officer

Adam’s role in the company

Adam Wagner is Raindrop’s co-owner and Chief Strategy Officer. His core responsibilities are finance operations as well as creating, implementing and monitoring all kinds of strategies that are applied in the company.

Implementing a time tracking app

Being an agency, Raindrop understands the need to track billable hours for their services. Although they have multiple clients on monthly retainers, it’s still crucial to measure their performance and project profitability compared to initial estimates.

On integrations

As of now, Asana is used as the go-to project management platform, but due to having different project structures in TimeCamp, there haven’t been plans of integrating both platforms. However, Raindrop has an open-minded approach towards leveraging the available tools and technology.

General use

Time tracking has been applied across the whole company. Ranging from design projects to social media, video, photography and web development projects.

The implementation

As the company evolved and grew, measuring a project’s profitability and team performance became a bigger challenge. Fortunately, TimeCamp is a highly scalable tool that could easily fit Raindrop’s evolving needs.

TimeCamp’s impact

TimeCamp proved to be an essential part of the company’s management tools. Besides giving a clear insight into the hourly efficiencies of a project, the app also helps to avoid an overblown workload for teams. That is quite essential in maintaining a low turnaround of their teams. Additionally, TimeCamp’s reporting is also a valuable feature by being used to provide reports to issued invoices as proof of work.

customer stories

Convincing teams

Initially, the teams were showing some reluctance towards using a time tracker. However, Raindrop’s management did a really good job at highlighting and explaining the value that this solution offers: not only for the company as a whole but also for every team member’s wellbeing. Overall, the employees really appreciated the software and enjoyed its ease of use.

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