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How TimeCamp helped a thriving digital agency by automating its workflow.


Jakub Szyszka,


About Grupa TENSE

Grupa TENSE is a Poznan-based interactive agency founded in 2009 specialized in digital marketing. With a wide-ranged offer, it’s capable of adjusting to the client’s different needs. They work with companies of all sizes: from small, one-person businesses to multinational corporations. The company is fueled by a team of 150 digital marketing specialists that helps them offer quality PPC and SEO services.

customer stories

Adam’s role in the company

Adam Skrzypek is Grupa TENSE’s Chief of Research and Development. His R&D focus is mainly on the ever-changing SEO landscape with all of its related trends and technologies. Most importantly, he’s committed to constantly improving the quality of Grupa Tense’s services.

Privately, a dedicated petrolhead and car enthusiast (especially for German hot-hatches and their “GTI” editions).

customer stories

The decision to start using time trackers

The company wanted to identify which areas of work and processes are the most time-consuming for their teams. This would allow them to automate and be more efficient. Additionally, it was also important to enable time tracking for each employee. This would allow them to have better self-assessments of their performance at work.

customer stories

Choosing TimeCamp

TimeCamp was implemented back in 2016 in TenseApp, a Grupa TENSE subsidiary company focused on internet analytics and web design. The employees would track their spent time across different projects and optimize their performance. Thanks to numerous positive reviews regarding TimeCamp allowing the teams to better manage their workflow and automating some of the work, it was decided to also implement TimeCamp in Grupa TENSE.

The implementation process

The implementation was preceded by a presentation for the managers and employees. Not everyone in the company had a fully positive outlook on the implementation. Each error or bug during the implementation was treated as an argument against the new tool. One of the most troublesome things was tracking the time away from an employee’s computer, which resulted in manually adding time entries for work done away from the desk. On some rare occasions, there were also instances of the app crashing and having no time entries. However, TimeCamp was very supportive and offered additional training and consultations. Over time, TimeCamp has become Grupa Tense’s go-to tool both for teams and the company’s management.

TimeCamp has been credited for automating and simplifying time tracking in the company. Grupa Tense’s management was also capable of assessing situations where team members would step into roles and projects out of their assignments and skillsets.

The app is considered as really easy to use. It allows teams to measure the time spent across different computer activities, generate automatic reports and connect with a multitude of popular project management software. Managing a team has become an easier and more efficient process because each manager has access to crucial data.

Thanks to implementing Timecamp, Grupa Tense was also able to automate and optimize numerous processes within the company’s structure. This was significantly impactful for the company’s growth and management.

Company: Grupa TENSE

Industry: Digital Agency

Team size: 150

Using TimeCamp since: August, 2016

Why TimeCamp: Automating and simplifying time tracking in the company

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