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Billable time

What is Billable Time?

Billable time is the amount of time that an employee spends working on tasks that can be charged to a client. This type of time is tracked and recorded in order to accurately bill clients for services rendered. It is important to track billable time in order to ensure that employees are being paid for their work and that clients are being billed correctly.

How is Billable Time Recorded?

Billable time is typically recorded using a time tracking system. This system allows employees to log their hours worked, as well as any other relevant information such as the type of work performed or the client for whom the work was done. The data collected by the system can then be used to generate invoices for clients or reports for management.

Benefits of Tracking Billable Time

Tracking billable time has many benefits, both for employers and employees. For employers, it helps to ensure accurate billing and payment for services rendered. It also provides insight into how much time is being spent on each project, allowing managers to better allocate resources and manage costs. For employees, tracking billable time helps them keep track of their hours worked and ensures they are paid accurately.