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ActiveCollab time tracking

ActiveCollab is a project management platform focused on team collaboration. Without a well structured time management base any execution of tasks will suffer. To avoid this case there is a great productivity boosting solution. One of them is right in front of you - ActiveCollab and TimeCamp integration.

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Want to track time in your team ?

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How it works

TimeCamp’s integration with ActiveCollab software tool enables you to track time spent on each task automatically. It allows recording hours for many activity levels in organization as they are synchronized with your TimeCamp account.

Tracking time without getting distracted

Our time management software works quite imperceptibly in the background of your current tasks at work. Start a time tracker with just one click and get back to the work.

Effortless and accurate time reports

Forget about setting aside a couple of hours for the regular work reporting. TimeCamp will provide you with automatic and ready to be sent reports. It will also help to manage and approve those time reports of your employees. Get access to the optimized system of filling out timesheets with all timeframes divided into specific categories depending on the project task.

Suitable for any work styles

Thanks to the integration with ActiveCollab, there's no need to change the way your team works. While using TimeCamp you can fully rely on the adaptable approach towards your time management and its improvement based on keywords.

ActiveCollab dashboard with TimeCamp integration

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

timecamp automatic mode


Sign in to your TimeCamp account and go through the "Settings" folder to the "Integrations" bookmark.


Find ActiveCollab logo on the list of integrations and click on the "Enable" button.


Enter your ActiveCollab URL. If your service is hosted by ActiveCollab, enter “” or leave this field blank. If you’re using on-premise edition, enter your local URL address.


Enter your ActiveCollab credentials (email and password)


Click on the green “Test connection” button to check if everything works.


After receiving a message "Connection succeeded" click on "Enable the integration" button to start using TimeCamp with ActiveCollab.


Select the projects you want to be imported.


Go to the Project Management page. Note that projects and tasks are already there, under the main project simply called “ActiveCollab”


Voila! From now on you are able to use time tracking features on all projects and tasks thanks to TimeCamp timesheets in mobile or desktop apps.

Benefits include

One time tracking software for every operating system and platform available. Track time with the desktop app for Windows, macOS, Linux, in the mobile app on the go (iOS, Android), or directly in the web browser of your choice. If you prefer Google Chrome, add a time tracking Chrome extension for even easier use.

TimeCamp time tracking software focuses on providing your team with insightful reports for the best project review based on your time data. Discover the advantage of automatic timesheets for measuring project profitability, attendance tracking of the teams, invoice generator and overall productivity tracking based on your team activity levels.

Once your Activecollab projects are imported to the TimeCamp, ask your team members to join. Let them choose which version of TimeCamp is the most preferable for them: directly in the web-browser, desktop app or Chrome extension. After that they simply need to sign in to their TimeCamp account and you are ready to track the time of your work!

TimeCamp and ActiveCollab integration

Your ActiveCollab account has been created but what about time tracking?

ActiveCollab is a project management platform helping with team collaboration. For tasks and projects, time management is a crucial factor. Meeting deadlines and boosting productivity are only a few good business practices. What can provide a good ActiveCollab time tracking function for your business? ActiveCollab and TimeCamp integration.

ActiveCollab time tracking integration easy setup

ActiveCollab time tracking can easily be achieved by following a few steps:

Register with TimeCamp free plan or start your free trial with the Pro plan

TimeCamp prepared for you a free plan that allows for one time tracking integration. You can enjoy free time tracking with ActiveCollab integration if ActiveCollab is your main project management software.

Log into your TimeCamp account

Visit the 'Settings' folder and click on the 'Integration' bookmark.

Enable ActiveCollab time tracking

Click the 'Enable' button next to the ActiveCollab logo.

Enter your ActiveCollab URL

If your service is hosted by ActiveCollab, paste: https://app.activecollab.comor leave the field blank. Enter your local URL address if you're using the on-premise edition.

Log into ActiveCollab

Enter your email and password registered with ActiveCollab.

Test the connection

Click on the 'Test connection' button. If 'Connection succeeded', click on 'Enable the integration'

Start using TimeCamp with ActiveCollab software

Select which ActiveCollab projects you wish to import. They will all appear on the Project Management page under the main project called 'ActiveCollab'.

As simple as that! You can now use ActiveCollab time tracking on all projects and tasks thanks to TimeCamp timesheets in mobile or desktop apps.

Benefits of ActiveCollab time tracking with TimeCamp...

... are endless. Some of them include:

Software diversity

Most of the available operating system or platform is compatible with TimeCamp time tracking. No matter if you use Windows or macOS, mobile app or web browser, you can enjoy the functionality of the free plan TimeCamp offers you. Google Chrome extension is also available.

Customized time management

With TimeCamp you will get insightful reports, automatic timesheets, attendance tracking, invoice generator productivity tracking, and many more. Upgrade your free forever plan to our Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan to benefit even more.

Easy onboarding

After choosing a web browser or desktop app all you need to do to start your free ActiveCollab time tracking is to sign in to your TimeCamp account and track the time of your work.

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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