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What is project manager’s hourly rate?

Project manager hourly rate

How many hours per day does a project manager work and what’s his hourly rate? You can now check it with TimeCamp. It’s a time tracking software which follows activity of the user and can be used on desktop/laptop or a mobile device. It can be used for free by an individual user or by a company, to track employees’ activities, however this option requires subscription.

Project Manager’s Hourly Rate

TimeCamp shows hours spent on work and has option of managing work on the basis of budgeting. Thanks to this option you can measure how many actual hours project manager works and how much money his job absorbs. TimeCamp shows detailed reports on every hour spent on work, either productive or nonproductive.

Project Management With TimeCamp

Find out project manager’s hourly rate with TimeCamp:

  1. Sign up and implement time tracking
  2. Download TimeCamp time tracker app for desktop
  3. Download TimeCamp time tracker for a mobile device from:
    1. time tracking app from Google Play Store
    2. time tracking app from iTunes to iOS
  4. Our application will show you detailed reports on how much time you spent on work in a given period of time, however:
    1. working on a mobile device – remember to turn on the application when you start doing it and to turn it off when you stop.
    2. working on a desktop/laptop you only need to remember to turn the app on – it will track time spent on work automatically.
Project manager hourly rate

With TimeCamp you can always check how many hours and how much money it takes for a project manager to fulfill his job.
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Find out today what’s project manager’s hourly rate
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