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Simple online timer - try it!

Sometimes you just need a simple solution. Even when it comes to measuring your work time. And especially when you want to set up a timer for some other every day activities. Something different from a simple alarm and countdown timer in your phone, but as effortless to use.

A simple online timer is a perfect way to get control of your tasks, without the need of installing some complicated software. Especially if you’re not convinced yet that it can help you.

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What is an online timer?

Our free online timer is a basic tool that helps you organize your tasks. When you need fast and simple solution, this is the best what you can use.

If you’re a fan of pomodoro technique, the timer is much better than an alarm clock. You can set it up easily, but it won’t distract you so much as a loud alarm shouting every 20 minutes.

It is for sure an excellent solution for work, but that’s not all you can use it for.

How to use the online timer?

It couldn’t be easier than this: you simply name your task and start the timer with one click. What’s the most important, you can set many timers simultaneously. When you want to take a break, you just stop the timer and start it again without any need of doing a restart.

What are the benefits of tracking time for tasks?

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Online timer can help you to track minutes spent on many different tasks, but why would you actually want to do this? Is a timer good just at work? If you are not sure yet, I have a quick imagination exercise for you.

Let’s say that you’re a parent. Even though you have a weekend, there are many things to accomplish. And you are the one who needs to manage your time and the time of your two children.

Emillie promised to clean her room each Saturday. Because you’re using a timeboxing method in your family, you need to measure the time.

But that’s not the only thing you keep your eye on. Tom dreams about becoming a professional musician, so he practices playing piano every single day. Even on weekends. You want to know when his piano timebox is going to be finished.

At the same moment you’re baking a cake. Weekend is also for pleasure, and there is no one who could say real no to your delicious pie. As long as you won’t burn it. So, you need to measure how long it’s in the oven, right?

But you’re a great multitasking person, so you want to use these extra minutes for yourself. You want to put some herbs (let’s say henna) on your hair.

Does it sound scary?

With our simple online timer, it will be easy as your piece of the cake!

Online timer may seem a trivial tool, but you can already see that’s something more. If you’re not sure yet, let’s take a look at potential benefits of tracking time of your tasks both in personal life and at work:

  • you have control on other people’s tasks, so you can help them manage their time,
  • you can measure many things at the same moment,
  • knowing how much time you spend on each task, you can learn how to manage your workday/casual day,
  • if you are a freelancer and your customers pay you per hour, you can precisely control how much time you’ve already spent on each of the clients,
  • if you struggle with some task, an online timer will remind you to control the time you spend on it.

Get TimeCamp for advanced time tracking

If you already feel this little excitement, our online timer may not be enough for you (even it’s awesome). Don’t worry, there is much more we can do for you, when it comes to managing your life and career.

If you want to get the real control on your tasks, TimeCamp Time Tracking Software is the perfect solution for you. It will not just help you in organizing your own workday. It’s not just a timer anymore. TimeCamp is a complex management tool that saves your time, helps you organize your whole team’s work, supports you, managers and HR department. And, even it’s complex it’s not complicated!

You can set a timer, track yours and your teams' computers’ activity, improve productivity, estimate projects more efficiently, manage your workforce and analyze the whole organization’s actions.

This is a solution that help your company grow much faster and easier than ever before. And what’s best, you can use it 100% for free.

If you’re a freelancer, TimeCamp is your answer for “how to prove my customers how much do I work for them and charge them for it?”. With us, you can simply show it. Set up the timer, collect your data and export them.

Stop losing your day: get control on your tasks, life and start succeeding!

Want to measure working time for your company? Track your time for free with TimeCamp.

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