Track and analyze your work time with this tools

Need a tool for tracking and analyzing your work time data? You have come to the right place.

Recently, I gathered 4 apps that allow you to keep an eye on your data from the business point of view.

Time Tracking Software

Need to track time spent on projects and tasks and generate reports?


TimeCamp is time tracking tool well suited for small and medium teams. It allows users to track work time automatically with jest few clicks. It has desktop aplication which gathers information about the time spent on specific website url or application. Time can be also assigned from Timesheet feature which can be viewed in two modes: Manual and Graphical.

User can easily export the data from the timesheet directly to invoice (which can be send from TimeCamp).

Project Management Software

Want to manage projects and easily divide tasks for your coworkers?


Asana is web based project management and team collaboration software which integrates with TimeCamp. It helps with managing projects and easily assigning them to specific project members. It also improves the whole proccess of communication in the team. Users get accurate information about the progress of the project, approaching deadlines and the importance of every task.

Asana is also available for mobiles and desktop (Windows and Mac)

To gather information about the time consumption of your projects, we strongly recommend to implement the Asana with TimeCamp integration.


Trello is another web based project management application which works on freemium plan. It uses the kanban paradigm. Projects are shown on special boards with cards. Cards are connected to tasks (drag and drop). Every board and card can be assigned to users. Trello integrates with TimeCamp.

To track work time spent on trello projects and analyze time spent on the past and present projects, consider installing TimeCamp Chrome Plugin, which can be found here: TimeCamp Chrome Plugin.

Software for taking notes


Evernote is an app designed for notes taking and organizing. It allows you to create a text, graphical, video or ink note, which is easily assigned to your personal Evernote account. Notes can be eddited, tagged, searched, exported and commented.  

User can easily add files attachement. It is available as web application but you can download it for mobile and dekstop as well.

If you need to know, how much work time you spent editting or taking notes, we recommend you to try Evernote time tracking integration.

Time tracking

Time tracking - TimeCamp
Time tracking - Asana
Time tracking - Trello
Time tracking - Evernote