3 TimeCamp Features for Better Time Tracking in a Law Firm

  • December 9, 2013
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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3 TimeCamp Features for Better Time Tracking in a Law Firm

Becoming a good timekeeper in a law company is a challenge. It requires appropriate features which will make this process easier and more convenient for the attorneys. Get to know three most significant facilities that will help you achieve it.

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Previously, we were writing about the most common issues law companies have to deal with when it comes to time tracking, as well as the most useful practices that help them solve those problems. Before we go further, let’s sum up the key actions you need to take in order to track every billable minute:

1. working on time tracking manner,
2. working on projects and tasks,
3. creating detailed reports,
4. ensuring accurate invoicing,
5. optimizing all the steps mentioned above.

As we mentioned before, the best way to optimize this process is to use the right software. A good example of such a solution is TimeCamp. This simple online tool helps attorneys track their time in an accurate en efficient way, which in effect enables them to bill their clients adequately, build better relations with them and optimize their own revenues. How does it do this? Let’s write a few words about three key features of this solution that can bring a breakthrough in law companies management:

1. Accurate time tracking

Filling out timesheets manually is very time-consuming and takes attorneys away from their actual work. It is also unlikely that one will remember every single thing they did during the day, as attorneys’ work often requires multitasking and being mobile.

TimeCamp offers a simple time tracker that let attorneys forget about dealing with inefficient timesheets or watching the timer. It enables staying focused on more important activities for the most of their workday. This tool will do the whole job by tracing what one works on and by measuring the work time automatically and accurately. It collects all the data using keywords which the activities are assigned to. In effect, timekeeping and performance monitoring become piece of cake.

2. Easy reporting

Working on a particular case is a sum of many singular activities, for instance paperwork, writing e-mails, making phone calls, meeting with clients or appearing in court. Additionally, the number of employees involved and the time they spend on their assignments is what counts here the most.

With TimeCamp all the relevant information regarding a particular case can now be effectively collected, safely stored in one place and easily updated or analyzed when needed. By filtering and choosing required data attorneys can quickly create reports containing crucial details and export them to Excel. Such incredibly precise reports give them a good base for the right valuation of their work, which is the next step after having done the job.

3. Precise invoicing

Clients must be billed adequately to the time attorneys spent working on a specific case. Billing and invoicing require from the accounting team the highest precision to make sure that both client and law company are satisfied with the financial side of the project.

The keyword is cost transparency. By using precise reports generated by TimeCamp attorneys can now assure their clients that they pay exactly for what a law company actually did for their case. This makes it more reliable for its clients and helps build better relations with them. On the other hand, transparent and precise pricing results in more optimized revenues of a law company.

To sum up, with three key features of TimeCamp attorneys are now able to track their work time, generate reports based on the collected data and, as a result, to measure the work on the project. The benefits are obvious: cost transparency, optimized profits and enhanced relationships with customers.

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