Construction Time Tracking: Best Practices and Apps

  • December 13, 2021
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The construction industry comprises many components—consulting, managing timesheets, fleet and crew members, controlling work performance. Construction businesses also need to ensure compliance with local and federal laws and permits, and take care of their employees. That’s where construction time tracking apps can come in handy.

Why track time in construction companies, how to do it the right way, and what apps are worth using—here’s all you need to know.

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Why Use Construction Time Tracking Apps?

Using a construction time tracking app can help automate and optimize business processes and positively impact your construction business. Automatic features allow you to reduce paperwork, organize projects, and improve visibility.

Here are all the benefits of using a time tracking app for the construction business:

  • Automatic time tracking—your employees don’t have to use traditional time logs but instead can focus on their work
  • Keeping track of employee hours, billable and non-billable time, and overtime for accurate payroll
  • Better workload distribution among crew members
  • Efficient planning of workflow and processes
  • Monitoring real-time project progress to spot bottlenecks and avoid problems during project implementation
  • Important statistics and key metrics such as time tracked and estimates, budget, tasks and projects for construction crews, and other accurate time data
  • Calculating labor costs and streamlining payroll
  • No errors in timesheets and project reports
  • You can show reports to your clients as proof of work but also to enhance communication, the flow of information, and collaboration

Construction time tracking can help save time and money but also avoid errors and prevent mistakes. It also improves administrative processes so you can increase your chances of winning projects and increase profit margin.

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How to Efficiently Track Time—Tips for Construction Businesses

With the proper construction time tracking and the right practices, you can create a system for successful project delivery.

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has helpful tips for construction workers that enhance project performance:

  • Set the right objectives, track their progress and monitor changes in real-time to spot difficulties, common issues, and possible obstacles
  • Adopt alignment procedure and have documentation—it’ll allow you for proper alignment of business processes, suitable execution plan and delivery of equipment, having clearly determined scope of work, design and procedure
  • On-board team members and stakeholders with the right plan (alignment procedure and documentation will help) and toolbox talks (brief safety meetings held on the job site to instruct field crews on the latest safety protocols and guidelines)
  • Take care of the supplier and client engagement so you create a strong partnership
  • Create lessons learned program—reviewing is important so you can watch, analyze, draw conclusions and improve processes
  • Measure team alignment throughout the project life cycle for a unified set of objectives
  • Automate work—have a set of proper tools; that’ll ensure high quality, consistency, and the right speed for the project
  • Benchmark and use KPIs, monitoring metrics and statistics can improve costs, scheduling, and performance; determine the best practices for your construction company according to your needs and expertise
  • Create change management strategy—plan and adjust changes so they don’t hurt your project
  • Constructability—take care of the right use of construction knowledge and experience
  • Master the ability to manage conflicts and difficult, crisis situations
  • Make team-building efforts so your team develop goals together, trust, commitment, and accountability
  • Have a risk assessment and risk management plan to address construction risks and maximize the potential for successfully delivering the project

Time tracking in construction gives you visibility into your company’s performance by providing accurate data. As a result, it’s easier to control all efforts so your projects are delivered on time at the optimal cost.

The Best Construction Time Tracking Apps

According to the KPMG Global Construction Survey, 41% of respondents say their companies have multiple software platforms that are manually monitored which makes the tools ineffective.

But with one tool that lets you keep all the data in one place, you can increase the productivity of employees and streamline processes.

Here are the best construction time tracking apps.

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1. TimeCamp

A user-friendly time tracking with automatic features

TimeCamp goal tracking

TimeCamp is a robust time tracking software with project management features. It can help you streamline business processes and enhance project tracking—from planning, design, financing, to staying compliant with the law.

TimeCamp automatic features optimize work so you and your entire crew can focus on work and increase profit margins.

The software allows you to create a multi-level project structure and flexibly adjust it to the way you want to track your time and organize projects’ information and import data from integrations.

Main features:

  • Automatic time tracking in real-time helps to better allocate hours
  • Detailed timesheets with the ability to edit hours; timesheet approval for managers
  • Detailed, customizable time reports (by project, task, users, days, pay period); you can export reports to Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or share them via link
  • The guest role allows you to invite stakeholders and clients so they can see work
  • Attendance management to keep track of vacations, leaves, absences, and more
  • Tags help to improve reporting and systematize work; use tags as clients, job codes, activity type, stage of work, location marker, subprojects, etc.
  • Budgeting reports show actual vs. estimated time
  • Different billing rates
  • Billable and non-billable hours tracking
  • Creating invoices based on hours tracked
  • Accessible from any place via web, desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), or mobile app (iOS, Android), and as a Chrome extension
  • Integrations with most popular SaaS tools

Pricing: TimeCamp is free for unlimited users with unlimited projects. Pricing starts at $7 user/month.

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2. Connecteam

All-in-one, lightweight employee app for offsite teams


Connecteam is a lightweight time tracking software suitable for small teams that work on a job site. It can work as a simple construction time clock for managing timesheets.

Connecteam also offers functionalities that let your team communicate and collaborate. Additionally, this cloud-based software allows you to store all company information—training materials, forms, checklists, documentation.

Main features:

  • Breadcrumbs technology to track employees’ general whereabouts—clock-in, clock out with integrated GPS location map; location stamps on a map
  • Kiosk station to clock an entire team in and out
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Ability to schedule shifts and dispatch people to different job sites from one place
  • Multiple export options for timesheets and payroll
  • Communication features: chat, group updates, announcements, sharing resources
  • Time off requests and absence management
  • Available as a mobile app and via desktop

Pricing: pricing starts at $39 per month with a fixed price for the first 50 users and limited features.

3. ClockShark

Construction timesheet system with rich geofencing features for field crews


ClockShark is a robust geofence time clock app with construction timesheets. It’s a time tracking solution and scheduling software built for local construction, field service, and franchises that want a simpler way to track mobile employee time, run payroll quickly and accurately, and understand job costs.

ClockShark combines scheduling, time tracking, location monitoring, and reporting features. It allows for clocking time on the road, job site, and any other place so you can know when your crew changes job sites or tasks.

Main features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Time tracking with timesheet approvals
  • Create schedules with the drag-and-drop feature
  • Web punch clock that allows you to conveniently clock-in and out of the job site
  • Kiosk time with facial recognition or a 4-digit PIN code
  • Advanced job costing controls
  • Third-party integrations with the most popular software: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Run Powered by ADP, ADP Workforce Now, Xero, Sage 100 Contractor and Zapier

Pricing: $3/month per user +15/month base fee for up to five people.

4. ExakTime

Time clock app and GPS tracker for employees who work in the field

exaktime - construction time tracking

ExakTime is a web-based solution that eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual timesheet filling. The software automates the work, helps to manage attendance, and schedule workflow for multiple employees.

Main features:

  • GPS tracking with geofence and employees locations—GPS Touch Detail Report provides a detailed list of who clocked in on or off-site and their exact distance from a designated Geofence
  • Portable time clocks-rugged time clock
  • Online and offline automatic time tracking
  • Ability to connect ExakTime to your favorite payroll system, such as Quickbooks, Sage, and many other tools
  • Photo ID verification
  • Overtime management —with Mobile Time Cards, workers can view their total, regular, overtime hours for the week in addition to daily totals
  • Equipment tracking (tools, materials, etc.)

Pricing: $8/mo per user +$30/mo base fee (with annual billing).

5. busybusy

Construction timesheet app with GPS time clock for field employees

busybusy construction time tracking

busybusy is a construction time card app that offers employees clock in and clock-out functions. It helps to streamline payroll and manage attendance.

It’s a time tracking app for construction suitable for every mobile device that helps to accurately log work hours.

Main features:

  • GPS time tracking with location data, equipment, and project information
  • Location-based reminders to clock in/out
  • Offline time tracking
  • Labor budget reports
  • Adding photos, documents, receipts, etc.
  • Scheduling time off for vacations, holidays, personal and sick days
  • Daily, customizable projects reports

Pricing: free version is available with limited features. Pro version is $11.99 per user, per month, billed monthly.

6. Raken

Simple construction timesheet app with production tracking data

Raken - construction time tracking

Raken is a time tracking software dedicated to construction businesses and construction contractors. Its features help to connect construction and field crews with in-office workers.

This time tracking app offers a simple management system for construction projects with daily reporting and work progress. All digitized in one app.

Main features:

  • Daily reports with media gallery (time-stamped photos, videos, and attachments) and real-time updates and job site data; you can also use voice-to-text to record notes in your construction daily log
  • Easy clock with time cards for regular hours, overtime, or double time, and cost codes
  • Production tracking—tracking productivity, monitoring progress, labor estimates
  • Library of Toolbox Talks—customized safety talks for your projects
  • Digital checklists to stay compliant with company protocols, spot issues on time, and streamline workflow
  • Equipment log
  • Integrations with construction management, cloud storage, and accounting solutions such as Procore, Dropbox, Sage 300, or Oracle Aconex

Pricing: $12/month, per user for a Basic plan with limited features.

7. QuickBooks Time

Accounting software with time tracking

QuickBooks Time is a cloud-based solution that combines features of a time tracking app and accounting software. It enables streamlined payroll processing.

QuickBooks Time allows you to track and manage expenses, and keep neat timesheets for your crew.

Main features:

  • Employees can submit time with QuickBooks Time mobile app
  • Preventing lost time with scheduling by shift or job, or sync with different calendar apps
  • QuickBooks Time is safe for battery power and memory of your mobile devices
  • Time Clock Kiosk for quick attendance tracking on the site
  • Calculating time for timesheets automatically
  • Managing all crew at the same time from one place

Pricing: QuickBooks Time pricing offers different plans for different needs. Pricing starts at $25 /month.

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To Wrap It Up

A proper time tracking app for construction and a set of good practices can help you become more productive, profitable, and accountable.

With technologically guarded, password-protected data all your projects are safe and you don’t have to worry about breaches and business risks.

Good luck on your journey with construction time tracking!

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