Control Your Budget with this Free Excel Template

We all know how valuable time tracking is when it comes to running a business. The appropriate software can tell us how much time exactly our employees spend on their tasks, so we can adjust the workflow. We may also use smart templates that will help us with work and budget management.

We would like to introduce to you one of those - our fully customizable Sales Budget Template!

Note: Everything is explained on the example of the hotel industry, but you can replace rooms with any other resource.

This template is a tool that helps you plan the expected expenses, dividing them between all hotel departments. It is pretty intuitive and easy to use.

Focus on properly filling every column for each month. It must be based on the actual data take from the hotel's PMS, divided into all departments.

To analyze the figures, go to a performance template –a tab that will show you the difference between what was planned and was has been done every single month.

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Download free excel template: (XLS) (XLSX) (ODS)


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