Briefly and seriously - what is time tracker?

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Time tracker is a computer software that allows employees, employers and freelancers measure time spent on tasks. It is used in many industries (law firms, accounting, creative agencies, IT teams) for settling up with hourly workers and billing customers for hours. time tracking software Time tracker can be integrated with tools for project management, accounting, customer service, to-do lists and many more.

This is how it works, but what it gives?

time tracking software

Speaking shortly, time tracker helps you understand which practices in your business leads to time waste. With this knowledge, you can reduce bad practices and optimize workflow.

Reduced time waste = Increased productivity = Achieving the same goals as before, but with time and costs saving

This overall picture is made up with five basic applications of time tracker, which together give your business a real time-saving, cost-saving and productivity-boosting power.

Have an eye on unproductive employees

Time tracker monitors and saves all employee’s computer activities!

There are several ways in TimeCamp you can analyze it to see how much productive it is:

Timesheets - how to control them to be accurate?

One of the most common features of time tracker is timesheet - a digital version of a paper sheet where employees write what task they were working on and how long it took.

Timesheets are the great opportunity for workers to make their workflow more organized and transparent. If you work without any plan and you don’t measure the time of your performance you will always repeat the same mistakes. You should learn from your experience and improve you work organization to make your efforts more efficient.

time tracking software
time tracking software

But people are just people. We are fallible; we sometimes forget to fill the timesheet or just fill it incorrectly by mistake.

How to keep an eye on the correctly filled timesheet?

After some time you will see a positive change in productivity, speed and valuable work of your team.

Easy invoicing

You want your team to be always paid accurately for work done. Data from time tracker can make invoicing easy.

In TimeCamp you can issue invoices for your customers using time collected for tasks and projects or creating a blank document and fill up an invoice yourself. The first option is a huge relief for accountants as they don’t have to calculate the amount of invoice manually - time tracker doest it for them. It facilitates the process and gives employees an opportunity to focus on more important things.

time tracking software

Invoices can be sent to clients from TimeCamp via email; you can also generate a link or download an invoice to PDF - you can choose the most convenient way for you and your contractors. If you want to track payments for issued invoices, you can integrate TimeCamp with your PayPal account.

If you already use accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks you can integrate them with TimeCamp and export your invoices from TimeCamp to your preferred accounting tool!

Integrations with your favorite software

If your team’s workflow is already well organized, you don’t want to disturb it with implementing time tracker that requires a lot of time to operate it. The same thing is about business tools your team already use. Why change something that works well? TimeCamp time tracker can solve your problem - it can be easy integrated with numbers of most popular time management, accounting, and customer service tools.

How can it facilitate your work?

You can integrate TimeCamp with your favorite tools in three or four simple steps, and from then you don’t have to bother it. Time tracker integration works in two simple ways: You can enrich your business with time tracking without changing anything you like. This is a full list of TimeCamp integrations.

Productivity boost - let the numbers speak for us!

Thanks to time data we don’t have to guess, we can just show you the real difference:

We have done an experiment on 40 companies - employees were working for two weeks, not knowing that their time is monitored, and then, next two weeks when they were notified that their time is tracked and how the time tracker work.
So this is this productivity boost I was talking about:

Bill your clients accurately

We are not surprised as we know well that time is a most precious resource that determines whole work of the team.

Time is the factor by which you set priorities, plan everything, assign certain workers to specific tasks. But first of all, time is the basis of your financial flow. The more you work on a given project, the higher revenues you can expect from clients.

time tracking software

If you feel that some of the promising projects turn out to be unprofitable, there are a few possible reasons for it that time tracker can easily defeat:

Using time tracker you have the ability to track everything accurately. Automatic time tracking and precisely set keywords will make that all activities related to the certain project will be recorded and billed.

You can also set billing rates and time budget to each project and track progress, detect potential delays and estimate the height of your revenues.

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