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Do you manage an on-site team and want to get rid of punch cards? Try out our simple-to-use, free attendance kiosk tool.

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51% of our users admit TimeCamp helped them increase billability in less than 3 months


Quick setup

Set the shared device in one visible place in your facility and let your employees clock in and out using an easy-to-remember 4-digit PIN. All for free, with no additional training required.

activity tracking project
activity tracking project

Effortless attendance

No more lost paper cards, no more buddy punching - all the employees’ start and end working hours are safely stored on your TimeCamp account.

Works anywhere

Use the TimeCamp clocking system wherever and on whatever device you want - all you need is just an internet connection.

activity tracking project
Clock your employees for free
activity tracking project

Labor costs under control

Stop wondering where your employees’ time goes. TimeCamp attendance kiosk registers their work hours, providing you with data ready to use for attendance and payroll purposes.

Clock your employees for free


Set up attendance tracking in your office in 4 quick steps:


Go to your account and enable “Kiosk” in Add-ons. Open it - all your employees are already added as users, and each has their unique PIN.


Copy the admin API token from the My Profile section and open kiosk.timecamp.io. Make sure all your employees know their PINs.


Place the shared device somewhere in your facility to let your employees enter their 4-digit PINs.


Generate PINs for the new employees with a single click on a handy button in the Kiosk addon tab.

other features

Attendance reports

Capture 100% of your employees’ time data - start/end hours, worktime assigned to particular projects and tasks, their absence, and types of workday. Generate the report and download the results in an XLS file to get a solid base for the beginning of the payroll process.

activity tracking project


Bill your customers based on time logged for a particular project or task and specific billing rates. Generate an invoice as a printable file or issue it straight to your clients as handy links.

project management timecamp

Timesheet approvals

With Kiosk and other time tracking methods available in TimeCamp, filling employee timesheets takes seconds, and so does the approval process. Review the submissions, approve them or reject them, leaving a note of what to change to get approved.

reporting timecamp

Payroll integrations

Connect your TimeCamp with your favorite accounting software and use attendance reports to streamline your payroll.

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