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March, 2022


Calendar View

Do you remember our Weekly timesheet view? Now you’ll find it under the “Calendar” label! It shows your data in exactly the same visual way, but we decided to rename it because some big changes are on the horizon. Stay tuned!


Do you want to suggest a feature or leave feedback? Now you can do it straight from your TimeCamp account! Go to the Support section in the top right corner, and find “Suggest a feature” on a dropdown menu. You’ll be redirected to our UserVoice service page, and a new UV profile assigned to your TimeCamp account will be created. Can’t wait to hear from you

Minor improvements and bug fixing

As always, a big shout out to our devs who are working hard on the other features and integration performance! This time Trello and Monday users will definitely be satisfied with the overall improvements.

October, 2021


Vertical menu

The menu is now on the left to make TimeCamp’s workspace more spacious and accessible.

Chrome plugin

Integration improvements:

  • TimeCamp will let you know you haven't selected any Workplace.
  • Salesforce integration now supports Cases.

User onboarding

Let us improve your user experience and guide you through the product’s meanders.

New subscription panel

We improved the subscription process to make it more user-friendly and bug-free.

  • Translation improvements
  • Subscription issues
  • Browser plugin improvements
  • Excel exporting
  • Minor problems with other integrations

July, 2021


User Onboarding

A step-by-step TimeCamp configuration that helps new users make the tool customized according to their needs.

Better Browser Plugin for Trello experience

Choose if you want to use Browser Plugin or Power Up for tracking time in your favorite Kanban boards tool.

  • Google Calendar integration bug fixes
  • VSTS webhook optimization
  • Trello integration improvements: new Start and running timer buttons
  • New Browser Plugin view that shows the running timer, allows to start timer in no time and log out

June, 2021


Edge Extension

TimeCamp Browser Extension is now available for Microsoft Edge! Track time right in your favorite browser.

Chrome plugin

Extended task structure

You can now customize your organizational structure in TimeCamp even 10 levels down the highest one.

Chrome plugin
  • New functionality for Chrome Plugin in Asana - you can now set the details of a running timer and find our button in the other places in Asana view,
  • Webhook optimization: major improvements in Trello, Smartsheet, Wrike, Zendesk, Podio, Jira, and Asana integrations, especially when it comes to the speed of synchronization.

May, 2021


Chrome Plugin

With a Google Chrome Plugin, the list of TimeCamp integrations has widely extended, and now you can add a timer to more than 50 new apps.

Chrome plugin

Native Google Calendar integration

Now you can integrate your meetings and events with our time tracker: the integration imports the events from the calendar as time entries in TimeCamp.

Calendar integration

Return to today

When browsing timesheets from previous days, you can now go easily to the current day with a single click.

Calendar integration
  • Changing the number of seats is now available for the admin role as well

April, 2021


MS Teams integration

TimeCamp now syncs perfectly with MS Teams so that you can track time directly in the tools’ tabs.

TimeCamp MS Teams Integration


Enable it for the entire team to approve or reject your employees’ timesheets, get them notified to submit their timesheets and leave the notes if their submissions require changes.

TimeCamp Approvals

Remote Communication Report

The first part of our Remote Work Report is here: this time we focused on remote communication since the pandemic outbreak in March 2020.

TimeCamp Remote Communication Reports

March, 2021


Public API

Wish to integrate TimeCamp with your tool? TimeCamp’s API documentation is now available and free to use.

February, 2021



Introducing Desktop App AutoUpdate - now TimeCamp seamlessly updates to the newest available version.

October, 2020


New role in TimeCamp: Guest

Invite new users to TimeCamp and control what they can see - with restricted permissions, they’ll be able to access selected reports and tasks and subtasks assigned to them.

TimeCamp Guest role

Structure your projects and manage time better with Tags

Add fixed tags to your projects and tasks, assign tags to particular time entries, create lists of tags that can be limited to the specific group of users.

TimeCamp tags

DPM Badge

Happy to announce we've been highlighted by The Digital Project Manager as one of the Best Time Tracking Software for Employees!

TimeCamp DPM Badge

Two-factor authentication

Now you can enable two-steps authentication in TimeCamp and be even more sure that your data is safely stored.

TimeCamp 2FA

February, 2020


Google Chrome plugin for Monday and ClickUp

You can now track time directly on and ClickUp thanks to TimeCamp’s Google Chrome plugin.

TimeCamp Chrome Plugin

Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) services

On February 15th we migrated TimeCamp infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


GPS Tracking Now In Open Beta!

Track the position of your employees and access the data in location reports.

TimeCamp GPS
  • Bug fixes
  • UX improvements

September, 2019


TimeCamp recognized by SaaSworthy!

Great news, TimeCamp has been recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Software in Time Tracking’!

TimeCamp SaaSworthy

Affiliate Program 2.0

We’ve revised the discount, payout, and referral rates as well as some general guidelines.

TimeCamp Affiliate Program

PSD2 compliance

Now, TimeCamp has officially become PSD2 compliant.

TimeCamp PSD2
  • 30 bugs fixes
  • UX improvements

August, 2019


TimeCamp and integration

Harness the power of’s ease of use and TimeCamp’s customization to get the best of both worlds!

TimeCamp Monday Integration

Dark mode

You can switch between the regular, dark, and classic modes - feel free to use TimeCamp according to your visual and aesthetic liking.

TimeCamp dark mode
  • Bugs fixes
  • UX improvements

July, 2019


New web design

Welcome the new, modern, simple and bright TimeCamp - now available for all users!

TimeCamp redesign

TimeCamp and Zoho CRM integration

Integrate your Zoho CRM with TimeCamp and track time for your contacts, accounts, deals, sales orders, purchase orders, and tasks.

TimeCamp ZOHO Integration

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on (or SSO, for short) enables you to log into all the apps in your company with a single login.

TimeCamp SSO

June, 2019


Redesigning the Invoice module

The easier your work is, the more pleasant it becomes. For this reason, we decided to design a new version of the Invoice module.

TimeCamp Invoice Module

Finishing touches before the global redesign release

The new design is almost there - we do our best to perfect every aspect of the new web version before the final release.

TimeCamp redesign
  • 25 bugs fixes
  • Usability and performance updates

May, 2019


Working on the new Approvals module

We are happy to announce that we’ve started redesigning it already, and can’t wait until you see it!

TimeCamp Approvals Module

Testing the new design

We’ve been gathering feedback like bees the nectar and worked hard to implement the changes that you’ve suggested.

TimeCamp redesign
  • 30 bugs fixes
  • Improvements in performance and usability

April, 2019


New Design is coming

We are almost ready to announce the new design of TimeCamp’s web version! Very shortly we will start A/B tests and ask about your opinion.

TimeCamp redesign

Mobile App improvements & GPS

We are improving our mobile app and preparing a completely new GPS module. In April we released some improvements for Android and IOs App.

TimeCamp mobile app
  • 40 bugs fixes
  • Usability and performance improvements

March, 2019


New Design

We are preparing a huge change in our UI - we have released a new version of our web design and asked about your first impression. Based on your feedback we are currently improving it.

TimeCamp redesign

New privacy setting

We created and released a new function which allows keeping all computer usage tracking information entirely private and not shared with anyone besides the user that tracked that time.

TimeCamp settings
  • 35 bugs fixes
  • Unification of integration settings
  • UX improvements in the projects module

February, 2019


ClickUp Integration

From now on you can track time on your tasks from ClickUp with just one click and later, run time reports in TimeCamp.

TimeCamp ClickUp Integration

Colors Feature

Color customization feature which allows coloring your tasks and projects inside your TimeCamp account.

TimeCamp colors

Attendance module improvements

Add email notifications both to managers and users about changing their day type and improving the requesting process.

TimeCamp Attendance
  • 35 bugs fixes
  • Two API endpoints for time off and productivity
  • Unification of integration settings

January, 2019


HeySpace Integration

By enabling the TimeCamp and HeySpace integration you’ll be able to track time on your workspaces, spaces, lists with cards.

TimeCamp HeySpace Integration

Google Spreadsheet Export

From now on you can also export your reports directly to your Google Drive and save the report as a Google Spreadsheet.

TimeCamp Google Spreadsheet Export
  • 25 bugs fixes
  • Merging buttons to reload data and synchronize integrations into one on the timesheet
  • Improving the layout for the PDF report export
  • Updating API for getting time off and productivity data

December, 2018


Export time reports to CSV

As CSV file extension has become a kind of industry-standard, we decided to add it to our export options and from now you can download CSV files.

TimeCamp export to CSV

IT systems

Based on our customers’ feedback, we’ve decided to release a desktop app that includes full feature set available from the web application level.

TimeCamp on desktop


Custom note in projects and tasks - add any information you would like to have associated with a project or a subtask.

TimeCamp notes
  • 30 bugs fixes
  • Usability, and performance improvements